Recitation: sit alone in a corner of time and enjoy the quiet time

 Recitation: sit alone in a corner of time and enjoy the quiet time

Sunrise and sunset, flower Xie bloom, light twist a few light elegant, in the quiet time, smile Yan Ran, count the time. The wind is warm, the birds sing, the sun is high, and the shadows of flowers are heavy. In the dust of the secular world, it seems that we must collect a touch of green, in order to clean up the mottled heart, warm all cool thin.

Beautiful scenery, like the right person in life, always inadvertently coax you to laugh, surprise you, give you light. Let you feel that life more poetic, more clear interest, you can not help but forgive all the difficulties of life, start to live simple and happy.

Walking in the crisscross of time, I always want to be able to fill in a few more picturesque scenery rhyme. When I have a feeling of loss, I still have my youth. And those beautiful scenes in life, just like a person who has no purpose to treat you well after years, makes your heart soft and warm. You will feel that the flowers are fragrant, the sky is blue, the mood is happy, and life is beautiful.

Among the flowers, the shadow of the flowers is heavy, and the fragrance of flowers is strong. Quiet to a flower bloom, without words, can also release a lot of mind. Looking up, the mountains and rivers are boundless. All the difficulties and difficulties hidden in the heart over the years can be integrated into this vast space and interpreted in this constant stillness.

Time is sometimes a kind of forgiveness, unable to let go, banishment of time is a period of experience; can not give up, delivered to time, is a memory. If you can put it down, you will not be lonely; if you stand far away, you will see clearly; if you do not fantasize, you will not feel; if you do not expect, you will not care.

There are warm and cold year by year, and flowers bloom every year. The wind does not understand the drift of clouds, but the clouds are still at ease; clouds do not understand the downfall of rain, but the rain is still happy. Life is always in the deepest despair, meet the most beautiful surprise.

No matter how fast the wind is, there are times when it stops. The sparkling lake is beautiful, and the lake whose reflection is still like a mirror is also beautiful. Time, passing, also precipitation, a turn, is a story of time.

Wandering in a sea of flowers, let the skirt dance with the wind, full of fragrance; let the heart bloom like flowers, dense fragrance. Time took away the youth frivolity, precipitation of cold and warm self-knowledge. It makes life more choices and introverted.

Dye a flower fragrance, pick up a period of time, draw a landscape, hide a note heart language. Forgive me for my mediocre life, only to see your waves. Only because of your swaying flower fragrance, graceful and graceful all my melancholy, you root in the landscape, listen to my thousands of heartfelt.

Find a quiet place, put down all the strong, and let the heart of the soft, and the thousands of flowers to embrace. As long as the mind is interlinked, even if there is no word for each other, it is also a tacit understanding and Qinghuan. A ray of sunshine is a touch of hope, only the heart has faith, rich mountains and thin water, will be the most promising beautiful charm of life.

Enjoy a season of red flowers, enjoy a person Qingning, thousands of good, but the depths of this time, quiet years.

The authors introduction: Xin Rou, formerly known as Tan Chengyan, has published prose anthologies like water in the heart and long time without panic. The official account is XRxinyu, XRweiwenxue. Wechat xrwx6688899. This article starts from Bai Cao Yuan, please reply reprint in the background.

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