IOCs video of Berlin Olympic Games being bombarded: is Hitler right to host the Olympic Games?

 IOCs video of Berlin Olympic Games being bombarded: is Hitler right to host the Olympic Games?

The International Olympic Committees social account shows videos of the previous games, and the International Olympic Committee says it wants to show cohesion by showing short films of the games from all walks of life. In the eyes of many people, it is intolerable for the media team of the International Olympic Committee to talk about the Berlin Olympic Games held under Hitlers control in such a positive way. After all, the Olympic Games were used as propaganda by the Nazis.

The Auschwitz Memorial made a comment in response: the Nazi dictatorship held the Olympic Games for two weeks, which covered up its racist and militarist characteristics, and used the Olympic Games to leave a peaceful and tolerant image of Germany to foreign audiences. After the Olympic Games, Germany accelerated its expansionism and persecuted Jews and other enemies.

After the video was broadcast, it caused strong dissatisfaction on social platforms. Some people pointed out that the promotion of the Olympic spirit could not be associated with the Olympic Games. Do you know the guy who invaded Belgium and killed Jews a few years after the opening of the 1936 Olympic Games? Do you really think this is the best answer to Belgium?

Terrible. You chose the 1936 Olympics to promote it. More social media users questioned whether the IOCs media team knew the importance of publishing content. Disrespect for those killed by the Nazis is is also disrespectful to the oppressed German Jews, but this is not a problem in the eyes of the International Olympic Committee. Your actions prove that the Olympic Games can be held under Hitlers dictatorship.

I was speechless. I didnt know what to say. Did you know that was the Olympic Games held by Nazi Germany? Some netizens said frankly, although many people opposed the hosting of the Olympic Games, the International Olympic committee still gave the right to host the games to Germany, and Hitler announced the opening of the Olympic Games.

Under the pressure of public opinion, the IOC issued a statement saying that the contents of the release had been deleted and apologized. We understand that this clip about the 1936 Olympics, including Owens and Lutz Lang of Germany, was meant to show the cohesion of the games, and this friendship is a symbolic moment, the IOC said. All the images were chosen to convey solidarity, not to celebrate the games.