Dongguan controls the property market in the early morning: outsiders stop selling three sets of housing for three years

 Dongguan controls the property market in the early morning: outsiders stop selling three sets of housing for three years

Prior to that, on July 24, Han Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, presided over a forum on real estate work, attended by responsible persons of the peoples governments of 10 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu, Ningbo and Changsha.

Han Zheng stressed that it is necessary to fully implement the main responsibility of the city government, respond quickly and deal with problems found, and take targeted policies and measures in a timely manner.

The following is the full text of the notice:

Notice on further promoting the steady and healthy development of the real estate market in our city

All units concerned:

1u3001 Increase residential land and housing supply

We should increase the supply of residential land, appropriately increase the proportion of residential land supply in newly added state-owned construction land, give priority to meeting the needs of residential land, and alleviate the contradiction between housing supply and demand. Actively innovate the system and mechanism, strive to break through the bottleneck of long cycle and slow progress of urban renewal projects, and increase the effective supply of residential land. We will strengthen regional coordination of housing and overall planning of urban and rural areas, promote the interconnection of infrastructure such as regional rail transit and the docking of public service facilities such as education and medical care, and guide the rational distribution of population and housing demand. We should coordinate to promote the stable land price, stable housing price and stable expectation, and optimize the mode of residential land differential land price limited transfer. More efforts should be made to build more affordable housing. In principle, it is required that the newly supplied residential land projects and the government led urban renewal housing projects should be equipped with residential housing with no less than 10% of the total residential building area for talent housing and other purposes. In the pilot construction of three restrictions on housing, we will select plots that meet the two regulations, mature conditions and complete supporting facilities in hot spots with high housing prices, and construct housing projects with land price, housing price and purchase restriction.

2u3001 Adjust the policy of restricting the purchase of commercial housing

As of the date of the implementation of this circular, families of non registered residents who purchase the first set of commercial housing (newly-built commercial housing or second-hand commercial housing, the same below) in this city shall provide the certificate of continuous payment of social insurance for more than one year month in the city within two years before the date of purchase; for the purchase of the second set of commercial housing, it is required to provide the social insurance certificate of paying for more than two years month by month in the city within the first three years from the date of purchase Certificate of insurance. The sale of commercial housing to non resident families with two or more commercial houses in the administrative area of this city shall be suspended.

As of the date of the implementation of this circular, the personal income tax payment certificate shall not be used as the qualification examination material for house purchase. In order to make a good connection with the original policy, families who have paid individual income tax continuously for one or two years before the implementation of this circular can still purchase the first or second set of commercial housing according to the original policy.

Commercial housing purchased in the administrative area of this Municipality (subject to the time of online signing, including newly-built commercial housing and second-hand housing) shall not be transferred until three years have passed since the implementation of this circular.

4u3001 Adjust housing provident fund loan policy

5u3001 Strengthen the supervision of commodity housing prices

Closely monitor the sales price of commercial housing. If the declared sales price of newly-built commercial housing obviously exceeds the price level of the surrounding market, comprehensive verification shall be carried out from the aspects of land cost, construction and installation cost, sales management fee, tax and enterprise profit, etc. if the price exceeds the fair level of the industry and cannot be reasonably explained, the pre-sale license shall be suspended or the spot sale record shall not be handled temporarily u3002

6u3001 Standardizing the financial order of real estate

7u3001 Standardize the transaction order of real estate market

We will intensify joint investigation and punishment, continue to carry out the rectification of the real estate market order, and focus on cracking down on illegal and illegal behaviors in the real estate sector, such as hoarding sales, price increases, false propaganda, malicious speculation, and collection of tea fee. We will strictly investigate and deal with the behaviors that maliciously bid up house prices and disrupt the market order, such as controlling prices in the second-hand housing market, raising prices in groups, cheating loans through Yin-Yang contracts, listing and selling houses that do not have the conditions for transaction and transfer. The relevant participating institutions and individuals shall, in accordance with the law and regulations, take such measures as interview, suspension of online signing, suspension of business for rectification, cancellation of employment qualification, restriction of transactions, and inclusion in the bad records of personal credit investigation. Those suspected of committing crimes shall be handed over to judicial organs for handling.

8u3001 Strengthen the publicity of real estate information

9u3001 Strengthen propaganda and public opinion guidance

Strengthen the publicity and interpretation of real estate policies, timely release authoritative information and respond to social concerns. We will strengthen the standardized management of the release of real estate information, and seriously deal with acts of false exaggeration, fabrication and dissemination of false statements, misleading the public, and illegal release of real estate information.

Dongguan housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau

Dongguan Public Security Bureau

Dongguan Municipal Bureau of natural resources

Dongguan real estate registration center

Dongguan market supervision and Administration Bureau

Dongguan Financial Work Bureau

Dongguan Internet Information Office

Dongguan central sub branch of the peoples Bank of China

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission

July 25, 2020