If one day, we meet again

 If one day, we meet again

I only know that once, in my life, you are a orchid growing in the deep valley. Spring and autumn come, and I depend on each other. I only know that once, you were a Populus euphratica which could not fall in the desert. You had been waiting for me for thousands of years.

Once upon a time, you are my distant and happy source. You are the most beautiful and miserable waiting in this life. How many days, how many years, still silent expectation, weaving a pure and beautiful flower basket for sincere affection.

How many times, is you, accompany me happiness, accompany me pain, accompany me to laugh, accompany me to tears, accompany me to be happy, accompany me to be sad.

Now, I really cant remember when and why we began to be strange, I really cant think of how you decided to go? Is it time to calm each others true feelings? Or years of vicissitudes of life that persistent heart? Is love unable to stand the test of time? Or must beauty wither?

Perhaps, you never know, since you left, my life everywhere lush has become barren. I miss the whole bone, like a river, submerged my city.

You never know, I cut a poem into sections, engraved with this life and the afterlife, the past and the future, and put it into the wind, because I know that it will smell, someone will never forget the distance

Time and again, I write your name on my wet palms. The long time is full of countless Acacia and full memories.

The vast sea of people, I believe, one day, we will meet again. Reunion, may be a continuation of the leading edge, perhaps, just brush past.

If we meet again, will we recognize each other in the eyes of thousands of people as before? Those dusty memories in the bottom of my heart, are they like the bamboo shoots after the rain? Will I still blame you for your unfairness and unwillingness to forgive you?

I dont know, I really dont know!

I only know that I never need to think of you. You to me, will never forget. Even if the memory is blown by the wind of time, some fairy tales only have the vague outline, but the warmth in the bottom of my heart is still there.

In fact, if we meet again, I think I will smile to you sincerely, because time turns, that beautiful past has been dried into the clearest memory in life, no matter when you think of it, it will not be mottled.

Time is in a hurry, even if I never forget you, but I am willing to send a long feeling in the future years, committed to the branches of the years, so that the good memory in the years of sincere and transparent, years of fragrance.