Jiang Shuyings straight and long leg beauty out of the circle

 Jiang Shuyings straight and long leg beauty out of the circle

Wearing a black suit top with the same short skirt, a pair of long legs, white sexy and attractive, which girls do not want to have it?

Wearing a black suit skirt with asymmetric sleeves and thin high-heeled shoes, you can see the long legs.

The exaggerated and gorgeous clothes also became natural in her body. She was dressed in a rose red suit with black shorts, the same color of diamond high heels and delicate make-up, and elegant silk scarves.

The modern and shining Sequin dress, slit design, beautiful legs, just the accessories embellishment, cold white leather and exquisite make-up, with a bit of sexy and charming posture, full of Royal elder sisters air.

In Hainan Film Festival, she wore a long white feather skirt with red lips to make her skin more white.

In addition to the slender legs, the superior shoulder and neck lines are also enviable. The tight suspender skirt tests the figure most, and can not tolerate a trace of flesh. Jiang Shuyings long hair shawl is generous and shows the collarbone, and the beauty of the fairy spirit is so beautiful that people cant move their eyes.

Jiang Shuyings plasticity is much more than these. She is full of immortal spirit. She can make people shine with her cool.

Dressed in a high ponytail, wearing a silver suit coat, black shorts and leather boots, she is a shining retro disco girl.

The trouser style is capable and full, which can not cover her powerful aura from the inside out.