Live a good life, there will always be good things

 Live a good life, there will always be good things

I shook my head helplessly and said: you in a person, tried more than 10 times despair, you do not give up, you think, the love between you can be rescued again, you this is a gamble, and then, again and again disappointed, do you set disappointment, grievance, sad, addicted? Can you summon Cupid 100 times?

In fact, if you scratch the first word of thanks, you can stop.

In a lifetime, the most terrible thing is not to be single, but to die alone with someone who doesnt love. Its hard to live with for a lifetime, so you should be careful when you fall in love, because its easy for you to consume and make up for it. Because, after waiting for the bus for 30 minutes, you have to take a taxi now. There are always snacks to be unwilling to do!

Some people, you know very well, have no future with her at all. If you regret the time you have taken in, then you will take a lifetime. The cost of marriage mistakes is very high. Either you have to wait for the bus or take a taxi immediately. The world is big and big. Your Snow White is not only one.

If one day, someone asks you, why are you still single? Smile and tell him, because I dont want to get married.

In fact, in this world, all good things are conserved. You secretly love someone, and there is a secret love for you. You miss the last basket of fried buns. There is braised beef noodles across the street. If you plan to eat octopus balls, your stomach will make way for the grilled gluten. Your efforts are not instant cash, it may double reward you some day in the future.

We rub shoulders with countless people every day. Sometimes you happen to help such a person. This luck will be recorded. When you are in a depressed, sad and gray day, then there will be a sunny person who confiscates all your sadness.

Dont be afraid that you give the sugar in your hand to someone else. Maybe in a few days, months, years, you will receive a big bag of candy. You say, is this fate? It seems that more is, we exchange each others luck, originally you have a lucky, I have a lucky, we exchange, everyone has a more lucky.

I like you! What a coincidence. I like you, too.

In fact, unfortunately, you plant a seed, as long as you take care of it, it will blossom and bear fruit. If you meet a frog, kiss it more, it will become a prince. You buy an extra portion of rice in the restaurant and let the boss leave it to the next person who needs it more. In this world, there will be a bowl of rice fate.

We are so lucky, because in this world, there will always be someone who loves you secretly.

A long time ago, I also felt that if I didnt work hard, I would live a very happy life. Anyway, I would get a fixed salary, meet an ordinary person, marry an ordinary person, have an ordinary child, give him a general education, and the longest life is no more than 30000 days. Why make yourself so tired.

There are hot potstickers downstairs. Its cheap. You can eat it with one plate. Life, is not to eat, not to eat, not to eat a full stomach, why do we have to work hard to find a crime, to eat a rare seafood?

Suddenly one day, you are tired of potstickers, you go forward a few steps, you find, rougamo is what the ghost? How about braised chicken? What are the meanings of eating steak with a knife and fork? Spicy crayfish, big VAT barbecue, grilled fish. It turns out that the world is so rich, not everyone is like you, eating potstickers downstairs.

Youre lost. Dont you regret it later? Youll pat your head and scold yourself, fool. Keep going!

So along the way, we roasted gluten, sour and spicy noodles, spicy duck neck, milk tea, sushi, chocolate cake, Jigong pot roast lamb leg stewed rice, Mango Smoothie roasted squid stone pot bibimbap, hot pot braised spareribs, boiled fish, chicken fillet, potato chips, crab roe bun, fried noodles, Shengdai duck blood vermicelli soup.

You have seen the larger world, you know that all people are working hard, only people in small places will start to be comfortable too early, because they have no choice. Why are more people willing to go to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou? Its a metropolis full of opportunities. You can earn money when you go out, but in the backward countryside, you can only bask in the sun.

What is success? In fact, you choose the life you are willing to work hard for, that is success.

You said, now the people, why are riveting enough strength, efforts to upward? That is, I dont want to regret my lack of ability when I encounter a good job opportunity. I just dont want to regret that I cant match when I meet a good person.

The reason why you have been confused is that you have been standing in the same place. Once people stop, they will think wildly. Some people go far, just because they have been running.

If there is no good result from hard work, what is the meaning of hard work?

Most confused people, in fact, are pretending to be very hard-working. You are tired of your present job, but the salary of the company is still good. Therefore, you are stuck, you dare not change jobs, and you are afraid that you can not find a better position. You have been fed up with the current state of love, but occasionally he is good to you, you did not find a more suitable next home, so, get together first.

So, you are in the circle of friends, very hard, very cute, and overtime, and show love, but, turn off your mobile phone, you are confused again.

Make do with, make do with, you will be old, make do with, make do with, you have no choice.

So this is the meaning of efforts, we have more choice power, not only can choose what we like, but also can say bravely: No.

A few days ago, when I went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, I saw a girl quarrelling with the stall owner. It was about the same thing. The girl bought some strawberries and left. She felt something was wrong. She gave less. She went to another stall owner and weighed it. As expected, there was one less. So, she quarreled with the stall owner, and then the whole road was blocked.

Yes, because a strawberry is blocking the street.

I remember a story I read before. A girl was eating in a restaurant and ordered a porridge of preserved eggs and lean meat. She took a spoon and scooped it for a few times. When she didnt find the lean meat, she asked the boss, where is the meat? The boss said that he was too busy and forgot to let it go. Then the girl cried and scared the boss.

The girl said, I cry not because of the missing pieces of meat in the porridge, but because I am over 30 years old and still haggling over these pieces of meat. This is not the life I want!

Is that just the price of a strawberry, a bowl of preserved eggs and lean meat porridge, and a red envelope? No, its your own dignity. Its still on the ground, stepping on several feet. These depressing little things will torment and consume you for a long time in the future, turning you into a more vulgar person, a more complaining person and a worse tempered person, but you dont know it.

How dare you hope to have a better life if you dont do a good job one by one? You should give yourself an explanation. No, you can give me some tape. Seal your mouth first, say less and do more.

Why we work hard is that one day in the future, we wont cry and say to the old self: what have you been doing!

As 2020 is coming to an end, I hope that every day in the future will be sunny. I will not affect my mood because of other peoples words, expressions and behaviors. If you live a good life, you will always meet good things.

Wash up and sleep. Good night.