I live like everyone, why am I still unhappy?

 I live like everyone, why am I still unhappy?

In love, if you want to get a long-term relationship, you will suppress the most real part of your heart.

A person always caters to others because of his uneasiness and suffers from a sense of guilt for no reason.

Because of fear, because of uneasiness, so give up being yourself.

Cai Kangyong said in the program wonderful flowers that people will have all kinds of fears when they are young. Yes, because we are worried and afraid, in order to let life go, we choose to continue to move forward in this state. We think this is an exit, and we have come back to find that this is just a way to abandon ourselves.

Everyone will eventually learn to get rid of the inner uneasiness and live for themselves. This is an eternal topic.


Release yourself

Life must know self release, in order to live the true self. We always think that depression is a way of self-protection. In fact, it is not, because you cant accept the truth.

Recently, the beauty of womens oral service is so beautiful. This sentence is very warm and powerful.

In such a scene in the program, Ding Dangs aribadi group includes Huang Shengyi, Zhang Yuqi, Zhang Meng, Liu Yun, Wu Xin, and Xu Fei. Each sister has a unique personality. When Ding Dang raised her hand to announce that she was willing to be the captain, maybe she was confident. In this group, her singing skills were excellent and her strength was well deserved. However, the nightmare that she did not expect was staged. No one listened to the lyrics when she assigned the lyrics. Besides, Ding Dang was allowed to choose every difficult high pitched voice. Even the voice whose volume was not high enough was rejected by Ding Dang See too much, what does Ding Dang do?

I think Ding Dang actually has her own ideas, but these voices make her feel more depressed because she doesnt want to offend anyone, and because of her uneasy psychology, she finally chooses to escape and not express any opinions. At this moment, she is distressed. But what was Ding Dangs mind? What did repression and avoidance bring to her?

Only by relieving depression, getting rid of anxiety and releasing ourselves can we find what we really want to do, so as to make our life meaningful and live up to our expectations.

Because of fear of the other partys reaction and suppress their feelings, in essence, the heart is still a willful person.

A life without a trough writes about a case of vice president Bauer suffering from psychosomatic exhaustion syndrome. As a teenager, Bauer was very fond of music, but his father criticized him, saying that only homosexual and weak youth would like music. So he repressed his love for Violin and listened to his fathers instruction that he study hard and become a successful person. He became the vice president of the enterprise, but suffered from psychosomatic exhaustion syndrome.

How can the body and mind be able to cope with the depression of ones mind and body in a state of uneasiness for a long time.

On the contrary, establishing a sense of security for oneself can make people understand themselves more clearly and accurately, accept themselves, and are not easily influenced by the outside world. There is a point of view in getting rid of uneasiness. Only when you know how to create your own life actively and face life with a realistic attitude, can you gradually gain a sense of control over life by being optimistic, cheerful, firm and positive.


Be different

Entertainment programs want to stand out from the overwhelming marketing and aesthetic fatigue programs by being different. This is also true of life. My life dont want you to think, I want to feel.

In addition to the difference in program production, the reason why elder sister attracts traffic is that everyone keeps his own style and dares to be himself. In front of them, you cant see the limitation brought by their age, but the charm brought by being different.

They stand on the stage confidently, without the confusion and cowardice of their youth, and go everywhere with an aura. They have accumulated a lot of valuable experience, also have their own proud capital, and will not easily wronged themselves. They live for themselves, and everyones topic index is very high, which is the charm of being different in the rain.

After the broadcast of the program, the quiet human settings were pushed into the upsurge again. Looking back on a variety show I participated in before tranquility, and traveling with a group of unfamiliar people, there was a disagreement: not everyone wanted to punch in at the classic scenic spots. You can go if you want, but dont ask me to come. Its not that were not gregarious, but we know more about what kind of environment makes us feel comfortable than when we were young.

Enjoy what you like, and dont do it if you hate it. This is the body of tranquility. She knows her position very well, knows what she wants, and can find herself in any situation.

There is a quiet video interview in the program sister who rides the wind and waves. She has an impressive video about her views on online messages. Facing the voice outside, she said, when I am good, I am very happy. When I am not good, I am very angry. Look at the message and scold me? Say I pretend? Next time, I still want to be myself and scold. Its also because of the quiet perfunctory social state that she sucks countless powder. Fans think this is life, its really cool.

Because no matter what kind of state, tranquility can quickly find its place and move forward according to its own standard and attitude towards life. How many people can do this seemingly simple and clear truth?

We are too concerned about other peoples feelings and cover up our hearts. We cant be true ourselves. We will also let ourselves endlessly fall into a state of no self-confidence and uneasiness. Over time, we feel numb to life, and we cant really be happy when we do anything. We can only complain constantly and make ourselves similar to others. It also subverts our initial yearning for life.

There are many tranquil and Dingdang bodies around. One is to pursue oneself bravely, to get rid of uneasiness and bondage, and to live at ease; the other is to conform to the mood of others, suppress ones heart, and let oneself fall into anxiety and uneasiness. Obviously, the first type is comfortable and real.

It also gets us thinking.

What do you look like when youre upset? Why often feel powerless and uneasy? How to get rid of this kind of uneasiness and achieve a satisfactory life state?

In getting rid of uneasiness, Kato gives the answer to the state, reason and method of uneasiness. You may be anxious, afraid, irritable, repressed, blindly ingratiating In Japan, you have never been recognized as a famous TV station, but you have never been recognized by the Japanese TV station. He has a unique theory for the exploration of peoples heart, and can always find resonance with people in the details of life.

Getting rid of uneasiness lists four steps. Through the four steps, we can get rid of the current situation of uneasiness, live ourselves, gain a sense of control over life, and create a harmonious relationship.


Habit is disgusted

Probably because for them, being recognized is a necessary condition to ensure their safety, so they will fear that they will be hated. But for myself, it is passive and tired in life.

If you care too much about yourself in the eyes of others, its just a sign of uneasiness and lack of self-confidence.

Some people always feel uneasy because they need each other psychologically, so they try to avoid expressing themselves and sacrificing their own desires in order to please the other party.

Another way of thinking, rather than we go to please others, its better to annoy it.

There is a simple saying in getting rid of uneasiness that reality is not the enemy of yourself as you think; reality is not as dangerous as you think. Whats more, people in reality dont hurt themselves as much as they feel Life is lived, not by imagination.

We think that the self in the eyes of others has never been properly asked by others. It is completely the shackles that we have set up for ourselves, and this kind of shackle brings uneasiness and depression. What we need to do is to get rid of the difficulties brought by our uneasiness and let ourselves move forward confidently in a safe and comfortable state.

I have worked very hard, but I still cant get the approval of the leaders. But what? I tried, I have a clear conscience of myself;

Their feelings to pay, but still face the situation of breaking up, but then what? In this relationship, I became my real self, paid my true feelings, packed myself up and started over again;

Our own life is always in our hands, left, right, is nothing more than the moment we turn the steering wheel.

Just like get rid of the uneasiness, you can see your real self only when you lift the depression. Dont you want to see the real yourself?

May we all live as we like.

Author: ditto Kato, a well-known Japanese psychologist, Honorary Professor of Waseda University, a researcher at the reishor Institute of Harvard University, and a consultant of the Japanese mental health association. He once presided over the well-known radio program consultation on life issues in Japan, and was awarded the ribbon in Ruibao award in 2016. Emotional violence: do you hurt each other with someone close to you? u300bConflict and reconciliation with the heart and other dozens of classic popular psychological books.