Jinsha apologized in a long article for serious mistakes in the third public performance

 Jinsha apologized in a long article for serious mistakes in the third public performance

Jinsha post

Solemnly apologize to all members of rainbow beat

Because of my personal mistakes

Its a drag on our team

Im really sorry!

In the past two years, I have become a less crying person

Its been my whole nine years

Once again, I feel the blessing of fate

Be able to join the rainbow beat dance group

Because she heard me say she wanted to dance

Did not hesitate to choose me at the first time

So I want to work harder

Except for the days of group training

On business trips

Because I know that for me

There is no shortcut other than muscle memory

On the public stage

I feel something is out of my mind

Its like a nightmare for me

I have a lot of longing and attachment to this stage

But at the same time I feel like Im leaving

I feel a little better about the shame of the players

(self deception)

Worry about my feelings in the middle of the night

Your personality is really the best match among girlfriends

There are a lot of details that dont need to be said

Thank you Jingjie @ Yi Nengjing for my love guidance

I will be on a more career oriented journey

Also dont forget to invite lessons from my sister

Its unforgettable that you are still working so hard without enough physical support

In the long course

You never get impatient

As long as I ask you, youll dance with me over and over again

Your energy is so infectious

Thank you Hanyun @ Zhang Hanyun baby

Im impressed by your solo

Sweetness has been planted in your marrow

But your tenacity and strength

Thank you very much for the team of sister who breaks the wind and waves

Give us a chance to regain our youth

We live together, practice, compete, sweat and cry

Thank you for my PD

I dont know what the future will be like

But I will continue to work hard to turn the weak into the strong

The sisters are really great

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952