He Jian God rat robber

 He Jian God rat robber

Zongyu came to the Hejian post, went into a tavern opposite the post station, chose a seat by the window, drank wine, and observed the movement outside. At this time, a guest came into the tavern and looked like a frustrated teacher. As long as the man had a bowl of wine, he stood at the counter to drink.

Seeing this, Zongyu called the teacher to drink together. The teacher did not refuse, but sat directly opposite him, and the two drank in exchange for cups.

After three rounds of drinking, Zong Yu said with a smile: Sir, I dont know who I am. I dare to eat all the food and wine of strangers. Dont you fear that Ill do something about it?

With a smile, the teacher said, no matter who moves, you, the Constable of the Ministry of punishment, wont do anything about it.

Zongyu was surprised and asked, since you know my identity, you must know why I came here. Can you give me some advice, sir?

Zongyu was stunned: where can there be a mouse as big as a cat? I dont believe it

The teacher looked out of the window and suddenly said, look, the mouse is coming! As soon as Zong Yu turned his head, he saw a gray shadow flash. He jumped in from the window, grabbed him on the waist, and immediately flew by. He was as big as a cat. When he touched his waist again, it was gone. He ran after him, but the mouse was gone.

When Zongyu returned to the tavern, he found that even the teacher had disappeared. He vaguely felt that the mouse had something to do with the teacher. He asked the tavern owner and found out that the teachers name was Jiang Cheng, who lived in the west of the city. He rushed over.

At this time, Jiang Cheng came back. He was stunned when he saw Zongyu. Jiangs mother said, son, I met a kind-hearted person today. Mothers old problem has been committed again. If he hadnt filled the prescription for me, I would have missed you. You kowtow to your benefactor.

Jiang Cheng was about to kneel down. Zongyu helped him and said, dont thank me first. I have something to ask you. Please help me find the magic mouse and get back the waist token. If I lose my waist token, it will kill me

Jiang Cheng heard it, frowned and said that the God mouse appeared and disappeared. No one knew where it lived. The only thing for sure is that it likes to steal tribute. As long as it tracks it when it steals, it will naturally find its waist token. It is said that there are still tributes passing by here in the past two days, which is just an opportunity. Zongyu thought that there was no other way at present, so he had to do as he said.

Two days later, the tribute arrived at the post station. Zongyu was ambushed on a big tree. At this time, the moon was bright, and the third watch drum had just sounded. Zongyu suddenly saw a gray shadow flash by and rushed to the room where the tribute was put in the post station. A closer look, it is the God mouse, it tore up the window paper, jumped into the room.

When Zongyu returned to the inn, he was very depressed and lost in the hands of a mouse. Now, the waist token is stolen and the tribute is stolen. He is a constable who cant do anything. It seems that he can only go back to Beijing to accept the crime.

The next morning, Zongyu found his waist tag hanging on the window lattice. Before he had time to think about it, he came to the post station and asked them what tribute they had lost. The official who gave the tribute said that the box was opened and the tribute was taken out, but it was not taken away. Its really strange. Zongyu thought for a while, and suddenly understood that Jiang Cheng gave him a face, but also frightened him and made him retreat in the face of difficulties.

Zongyu immediately rushed to Jiang Chengs house, found Jiang Cheng, and thank him for sending back his waist tag. But Jiang Cheng said that this matter has nothing to do with him, he has nothing to do with God mouse.

However, Jiang Cheng firmly said, I have nothing to do with God mouse. If you try to catch me and turn me into a trick, thats a case of eternal injustice. Zong Yu listened to his words in soft with hard, also not good to say what. After all, he does not have any evidence now, so he cant just put Jiang Cheng in prison.

Out of Chiangs house, Zong Yu recalled the scene last night, and could not help but feel more puzzled: where did the God mouse come from so much courage that it dared to slap the cats mouth?

Two days later, when Zong Yu visited the east of the city, he saw a juggling group at the beginning of the day, so he went around to watch the excitement.

Looking at it, Zongyu smelled a strange and familiar smell. All of a sudden, he was excited. The mouse had this smell. He followed the smell to the back court, only to find that the smell came from a tiger. He pondered for a long time, and suddenly thought of something. He went to the class leader and asked, if you smear the mouse with tiger urine every day, will the mouse not be afraid of the cat?

The head teacher laughed as soon as he heard it. He said that he had been told about this idea two years ago, when he brought a huge squirrel, shaved off its long tail hair, smeared it with tiger urine every day, and trained the squirrel to beat the cat. Half a year later, the squirrel was tamed by him. He was not polite to see the cat. He raised his paw and hit the cat. The man left with satisfaction.

At the third watch, Zongyu saw that squirrel came to steal again. When the squirrel finished stealing, he immediately released the leopard cat. The leopard cat jumped at the squirrel and bit it down. The squirrel screamed and stopped moving.

At this time, only a burst of gongs was heard around. Then, many people raised torches to surround the post station. Yi Cheng yelled at the bottom: the people above, you cant run away. Come down and surrender quickly. The leopard cat was startled and turned and ran away. Zong Yu jumped to the place where the leopard cat ate the squirrels, but he didnt see any tribute. He was surprised and caught in the trap!

Anyone will think that it was Zongyu who stole the tribute. At present, we have to get out of the way. He threw two stones and hit two people. While the people below were in a mess, he jumped down and ran away.

Zongyu rushed to the west of the city and found Jiang Cheng. He grabbed his collar and asked, Why are you plotting against me?

Zongyu sighed heavily and said, your strategy is above me. I am convinced that you are defeated. From now on, I will only be wandering in the world. Its a pity that your God mouse has been eaten by my leopard cat

Jiang Cheng laughed and said, God mouse has long been connected with me. I cant bear to let your leopard cat eat it. The one that was eaten was just a little squirrel that I had tamed temporarily. And the real God mouse is preparing to perform a new task...