The scarcest courage in this era is to allow yourself to be a waste

 The scarcest courage in this era is to allow yourself to be a waste

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Every time I talk about self acceptance, someone always asks me:

Slowly teacher, will self acceptance lead to self abandonment?

Why are there such doubts and worries?

I think that if we were naughty and lazy when we were young, our strict teachers or parents would criticize us and supervise us to do our homework;

If you dont wake up, scold harder.

Does that really work?

In fact, many psychological studies have long told us that its useless.

On the one hand, when we consciously suppress emotions and self-criticism, they only strengthen them.

Only unconditional self-care can shorten the duration of negative emotions and give us enough strength to restart.

On the other hand, self critical people are more likely to give up.

Every time they make a mistake or fail, they attack and criticize themselves severely. Over time, in order to avoid this kind of attack, they are more likely to raise their hands and surrender when they are challenged.

On the contrary, people who can accept themselves and fully understand their limitations, even if they fall down, have enough confidence in themselves to stand up again and are willing to try and challenge many times.

But if you are still used to criticize yourself to make progress, I hope you are willing to accept the non acceptance of yourself.

There are some emotional needs behind your every move, waiting for you to see.

Script: Chen Maomao

Illustration: zhiwuzhu, Zizi

Producer: wuhualu

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