A variety show, a drama, 30 + womens cardiotonic

 A variety show, a drama, 30 + womens cardiotonic

First of all, lets have a look at the elder sister which has been on the air for some time. Some netizens left a message: I dont seem to be so afraid of getting old when I see the status of my sisters.

Ah duos sincere words let 30 + women learn to enjoy their age

Now 30 +, 40 + and 50 + women just dont have stage display

In the play, for the sake of family and children, it seems to be a true portrayal of many modern women.

The bold and real performance of the sisters in the variety show, and the heroines raving performance in just 30 has virtually become a stimulant for most 30 + women in China. Why?

Because most of the 30 + women in China cant find a sense of existence at all, and the performance of women in this variety show and this play seems to show the life that most 30 + women yearn for.

Looking at the reality, the women who are now in the mainstream view in China,

Basically, there are only two kindsu2014u2014

One is a girl under 30

Most of the actresses, such as Reba and Ju Jingyi, mainly focus on youth idol dramas. They receive soft hand endorsements. The flow is at the peak, and men and women eat the same type.

One is a girl over 30

Yang Mi and Tang Yan are the representatives of mature women in the heart, but the types of girls with appearance are still popular in the mainstream, and the brands that young people like are the spokesmen. Because they represent the dream of thousands of Chinese women who dont want to grow old.

Once its not a girl image, for example, Maggies favorite actor Yao Chen sighs that there are fewer and fewer actors for her age.

The entertainment industry, which demands high appearance, is so harsh,

What about ordinary industries that dont have such strict requirements on appearance?

Im sorry, its the same.

Most of the answers below are finance, civil servants, bakers, wechat merchants, even housewives

Generally speaking, its a profession that doesnt need to be seen in the public.

The reason is nothing more than that 30 + or even 35 + women are entangled with family chores, lose their initiative, their ability to improve themselves, their physical strength and even their appearance decline, so they are not suitable for receiving customers.

The experience of growing age, the charm of mature personality, the ability to handle things, the insight of rich experience, which are almost impossible for young people to have! Arent these just the characteristics needed in the workplace and social life? However, why is the advantage of 30 + ignored?

But Maggie is going to raise a question that has been ignored

Chinas 30 + women are reluctant to make up

According to a cosmetic industry report in 2019, after 95 and 00, the consumption of perfume and make-up increased 70 and nearly 4 times after 80 days. Most 30 + Chinese women are reluctant to make up and advocate plain beauty.

Wang Likun was known as the queen of plain face for a long time. Because of the diving variety show and the need of the scene, she had a good effect of absorbing powder (indeed, she was young at that time).

But after many years, let her make her debut in such a group of sisters, she dare to plain face?

On stage, if you dont make up your hair, how can you get a good look?

u2014u2014Oscar Wilde said: only shallow people do not judge people by their appearance.

It can be understood as: no one has the obligation to excavate your inner beauty through your ugly appearance.

Maggie thinks these two words are right! In the workplace or social life, you are over 30 years old and in a period of decline in appearance and physical strength. If you abandon yourself, even if you dont want to pay attention to dressing up, and you dont treat your appearance well, how can you believe that you can control your work, your social relations and your family?

The ability of female executives, makeup, hair and dress are generally in line with their positions. Otherwise, at the first sight, it will give people the feeling of untrustworthy.

Maggie has written a lot about scientific anti-aging posts before. You can check them if you are interested!


Little woman style

Korean Americans living in the United States have Korean style, and most of them have natural makeup. Isnt this just a good feeling for 30 + women who need to go out of the street every day? The feeling of Jasper is worth learning from!

By the way, they are also erhwas mother, so they are not less busy than you. However, they are still mature and lovely!

Poke here to see how she makes up in the morning

@ kyungsun.xoxo

At first glance, the photo is a little like a Korean actress. Her style is lighter than that of a mature woman. Her hair style is also very practical. After painting, she can go to work on the street.

Su Yan is actually the appearance of the little sister next door. Her facial features are not very delicate, so her makeup painting method is of great reference value to most people.

Look at the daily sun baby wind, is it like the mother of our circle of friends?

Look at my sisters makeup

A kind of


Danfengyan Mulan style

@kimdayeong_ life

For Chinese people, the inside double make-up course is indispensable. After all, we Chinese people have a high probability of single eyelid or inner double. This little sister is good at drawing inner eyes vividly, and her makeup and hair style are daily sweet little sisters.

Plain face, long and purple, high cheekbones, small eyes, ordinary passers-bys face.

Its also a baby mother!

Poked inside to see the beautiful hair of my two sisters when they were pregnant

A kind of


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After encouraging you to dress up, Maggie has a few words to say.

Whether its a variety show, a TV series or a movie, these programs are the spiritual food of ordinary people. What can cause wide resonance must be a social problem that has been neglected for a long time.

Thank you very much for the production of such works, so that the society can pay attention to the social problems of mature women. What women have to do is not to complain blindly, but to constantly seek breakthroughs and prove their ability to the society. After all, women have to rely on themselves for thousands of years of feminist struggle.

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