Whos the new face? Cross border new play? The novel pattern of mysterious beauty circle appears again!

 Whos the new face? Cross border new play? The novel pattern of mysterious beauty circle appears again!

How far is the distance from Whoa to ooh

I dont want to say much. Ill just go to the picture~

Can the heat rub like this?


Kylie, as a member of the Kardashian family of American topic king, naturally wont let go of any hot spots. During the epidemic period, masks were once popular. This little sister Jin then launched this cloth mouth mask with lips and Kylie letter patterns in her own brand Kylie cosmotic. However, such masks naturally cant prevent the splash of spitting, and they need to buy their own filter layer Xiaobian not only wanted to ask, did you buy a mask or a lonely one?

Skin time machine

Dont envy Da Xiongs drawer any more! Lvationes latest series of miracle time time machine beauty instrument adopts LED light therapy, which can effectively stimulate the regeneration of collagen and treat mild to moderate acne. Every day you use it, you can see a new rejuvenate effect and let your skin really sit on the time machine~

The secret of beautiful and delicious


When you mention caviar, the word luxury will automatically appear in your mind. High end skincare, Michelin restaurants, dinners and aristocrats... But only slightly salted sturgeon eggs can be called real caviar. KARUGA caviar, which has contracted for the first-class cabins, Oscar dinners and many Michelin restaurants, contains a large number of amino acids and trace elements needed by the skin, so that beauty can really be eaten!

When skin care meets British style


This summer, from London luxury beauty industry skin care brand Elemis and Brand Ambassador Wang Ou officially entered China! The casual and ritualistic skin care concept reveals a strong British style, and the natural ingredients moisten things silently. However, the effect after use can not be ignored. Every skin care is like enjoying the high-end spa in London street.

The arrival of pridementh has set off a wave of rainbow fever on the Internet. In order to celebrate this special moment, American rapper Megan thea colored her rainbow hair to voice for the black LGBT group. However, we finally found that this has no flaws, lifelike to the extreme, like a natural rainbow hair color, is actually a wig?!

Health is balanced

As one of the worlds favorite luxury brands, Valmont Farmans brand-new purity Cleansing Series brings Swiss glaciers and fresh springs to us. The gel is soft ice cream blue, moisturizing and refreshing, with full cool feeling. Whats more, such a big bowl of Lady grade makeup remover gel is too cost-effective!


Say goodbye to cruel beauty

Wear animal fur on your face? This is really not OK! Sephora Sephora, the worlds largest cosmetics chain, has announced a total ban on the sale of fake eyelashes made from animal hair, including mink hair, the most common raw material for false eyelashes. No one needs their hair more than these animals. Come and return the warmth that originally belongs to them.

Color play in summer


Can you still play like this?


Romantic is a little blue

Tanabata Festival is coming, dont blame OK! I didnt give you the key point. Please write down the latest Tiffany & Co fragrance in the notebook! Floral fragrance with citrus fragrance. The representative Tiffanys blue bottle also has its own heart. Different colors of the same color system complement each other, and each has its own unique. The silver & symbol connects each other. Its hard for the Chinese Valentines day not to be sweet!


Punk princesss rock attitude


In Chanels autumn and winter 2020 Gaoding show, apart from fashion, there are also models theme makeup! The dramatic slender eyeliner with the high brown red lip makeup shows the unique rock attitude of Chanel. The clear makeup and soft gloss give the look a noble and alienated sense of beauty, mysterious and dangerous. The same small fragrance is not so easy, the same small fragrance makeup is not simple?

Academic skin care?


At the 25th China American Expo, beauty, a professional scientific skin care brand in the United States of America, was a dazzling sight. With 16 different skin types, the brand customized four series of five products. Through the four steps of clean, Huan, Fu and protect, we can create a special skin care scheme for you. Behind the original intimate, there are so many black technologies!


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