No money and want to wear like clothes, these girls are all mobilized!

 No money and want to wear like clothes, these girls are all mobilized!

Some time ago, a girl named Ariel Chu took a fancy to a Paris Georgia suspender skirt,

This dress is slim and slim, and some stars wear it,

My sister likes it very much. She wants it very much. But unfortunately, the dress is too expensive for her. It costs $727. She cant afford it.

Originally wanted to give up, but her grandmother saw and said: want? Ill do it for you!

Grandma studied the details of the dress,

Then he measured the size of her granddaughter,

After that, we cut the pattern

cut cloth

Finally, the fabrics are stitched together with a sewing machine,

Although with the original slightly different, but can hardly see from a distance, sister tried, super satisfied~

Ariels video inspired a lot of girls.

A girl named Nonna said that she had a crush on the $182 red suspender jacket for reform.

Although she has no money, she has a sewing machine!

So she found a red pillow case,

After cutting the seams,


As like as two peas, get~

A girl named Britt took a fancy to the cow pants below,

Although she couldnt afford the original one, she managed to make one for herself,

And then we got textile pigments,

She painted it until three in the morning, and it was done.

Upper body effect

Alexis is in love with a hairy leopard bag.

The price is 88 U.S. dollars, about 600 yuan. My sister feels a little expensive,

So she found a fluffy blanket with some lining,

Cut a little, sew a little,

Its a similar bag,

Kier wanted the $150 back tether jacket, but she ended up spending just $14.

She first bought a basic one shoulder white T for $10,

And cut off a piece of your back,

Trimming with a sewing machine,

Roll up the edges and use them to thread the rope,

The final effect

Since you dont have the money to buy a new one, you can make one yourself.

She found out a pair of her jeans and wet one side of them.

Wear a mask and gloves and apply bleach to one side of the jeans lying on the floor,

Then spread it with a tool,

After a while, the blue on this side faded a lot.

She flushed the water over and put it in the washing machine,

Its jeans, too. Sophia looks at a more difficult one,

She went to a second-hand store and bought a pair of jeans for five dollars,

Although the original version is a beautiful girl warrior, my sister prefers death notes,

Edit it for yourself,

Finally, its printed on heat transfer paper,

Put them on your pants, iron them with an iron, and then wait for them to cool down for a minute or two,

Finally, a unique cartoon jeans will be finished~

The girl named FJC is interested in a tight tie dye skirt worn by Jin Xiaomei,

295 dollars, the sister said, she is still a high school student, this price is simply impossible for her,

Netizens said after reading, this is more beautiful and more advanced than the original!

Kaitlin recently fell in love with these side button jeans,

But the price is not cheap. It costs more than $400 for any one,

Sister said, this is very simple ah, why buy?

She found a pair of oversized jeans,

Pull one corner here,

Graces favorite is the white jacket below, which cost 85 dollars,

She says 85 is not needed at all! She can do it with a spare canvas bag.

As like as two peas, she took out a disposable canvas bag and pulled out the white part, and then sewed it up a little. A nearly identical coat came out.

Shanna is also a girl who doesnt have much economic strength but has practical ability. Recently, she took a fancy to this dress,

Its not too expensive, but she has a cheaper way,

She found a dress she didnt wear from her mothers closet,

Two channels are sewn on both sides for rope threading,

Then put two pieces of cloth through with a pin, and fix the upper part,

The next pull shows the ripple of folds~

Inspired by this $60 Nike sock top,

Cut it and sew it. Its OK~

In addition to DIY brands, some girls can also use old clothes to directly change into fashionable clothes,

Using my uncles big sports tree, we can make a soft girl suit,

Change an old suit into a three piece suit.

A boring cardigan, a fashionable jacket,

A second-hand shop flower T-shirt, a sexy skirt.

An ol Knee Skirt, changed into a set of sexy upper and lower.

Really, no money, as long as you have a pair of skilful hands, you can also wear all kinds of big brand clothes~



I just want to be a lazy bag: I wish I could sew clothes

A baby with a cute name: my dogs paws may not be able to do it. Let Ma Ma help me. She may give me money directly

Fujihome: Im the one who has no money and wants to wear it

Step on the train and start running: when my rucksack is rotten, Ill make it into a sling to save another year or two


You have good quality,

For you to prepare a variety of British products worth recommending~

Post epidemic conditioning

Ladies and gentlemen

The rules of WeChat official account were adjusted again.

The matter son gentleman also had to ask for a three company with everybody