Dont think squeezing acne is a small matter, it will kill you if you do it well!

 Dont think squeezing acne is a small matter, it will kill you if you do it well!


No matter how many times the doctor says dont squeeze acne

But the pimples on my face

after all

See the instant of acne burst


There are bacterial infections

And squeeze acne

Its helping bacteria

Help bacteria expand the scope of infection

Leave a pock mark and pit

Whats more terrible is that

Some places of acne, every time squeeze

The word sounds mysterious

As early as 1852

A doctor named Ludlow

Six hospitalized cases of acne infection were reported

Three of them died

How to squeeze a blain

Its killing people?

Because of the acne in the danger triangle

Its bacteria that cut corners

Get into the entrance to your head

Large and small blood vessels are intricate and communicate with each other

This is equivalent to providing bacteria with

Many paths of free diffusion

Whats worse

These vessels lead to the depths of the brain

Bacteria in acne are no longer just damaging the skin

Its a chance to follow the blood vessels

The first level invades the cavernous sinus

The bacteria move along the blood vessels

And finally it came to the area next to the brainu2014u2014

Cavernous sinus

A cavernous sinus is a sponge

A vein structure with many small holes

A lot of important blood vessels and nerves

It goes through the middle or around

After the bacteria infected the cavernous sinus

These blood vessels and nerves can suffer

A person may have a sudden fever

Even the eyesight is damaged, the eyeball cannot move

May cause critical damage, high high energy warning

The second level attacks the brain

Run into the brain and make waves

Intracranial infections can cause

Severe headache, vomiting and even coma

If not treated in time, it is very dangerous

Even if you save your life

Whats worse, the invasion of bacteria

Maybe its going on

The third level invades the whole body

There may also be bacteria in the circulation throughout the body

Cause sepsis, sepsis

Infection of major organs, leading to multiple organ failure

Thats why

Its killing you to squeeze a pimple

See here

Maybe someone will say

The incidence is really not high

But low probability does not mean that it will not happen

What I think may be

Life is hard

Dont add any more risk factors to it

If you dont want to give bacteria a chance

Do remember to control your little hands

I cant help it

Take a look at the acne video

Or buy a pox squeeze prop

Just have an addiction

Thousands of words come together into one sentence

Squeezing acne for a while, intracranial crematorium

Dont listen to him. Listen to me

Add three points

The blain of triangle area is squeezed occasionally, or break accidentally, also need not make a fuss. If you experience increased pain, eye swelling or other discomfort, be sure to seek medical attention.

Other acne had better not squeeze, because it will aggravate inflammation after pigmentation, leaving scars, potholes are not beautiful.

Plucking nose hair, squeezing furuncle and other behaviors are also high-risk operations, the principle is the same, it is recommended to control your small hands.

Editor in charge: Feidi Fengfeng

Illustration of Luchuan

Cover image from Luchuan

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