The top beauties are all in the same color with ladder shaped side appearance?

 The top beauties are all in the same color with ladder shaped side appearance?

In recent years, peoples attitude towards each others face has changed, and the jaw angle of folk prescription is no longer painful. On the contrary, they began to realize that square face is more advantageous in anti-aging and square face is more atmospheric.

But the profile of the three goddesses is not in line with some popular aesthetic standards. For example, the side face of famous products is more upright and noble, with nose and lip angle of 90 to 120 degrees better.

According to this standard, Chen Chong and Shu Qi are both substandard, and even have a little protrusion of the mandible?

Is it necessary to correct? The problem is that their occlusion is normal. The answer is, no, because thats the face shape that oxygen uncle is going to talk about today, ladder shape, side face shape.

If you are also this type of face, then you can take the great beauty route of reversing all living beings.

What are the characteristics of the natural beauty

Uncle oxygen is going to talk about dry goods today. First of all, lets take a look at the second half of the face. The architecture is very interesting. They are also square faces. Whats the difference between them and Lin Qingxias square faces?

Is it true that Lin Qingxias facial bone is more square, while Chen Chongs is more rectangular?

Chen Chongs whole maxillofacial feeling is more inclined to the forehead, slightly backward, and the mandibular position is more forward. On the obverse view, the mandible is wide when the three courts are more equal.

In the lateral view, the mandibular margin deviates to the horizontal line, and the mandibular fracture angle is lower. In terms of the concept of facial center of gravity we mentioned before, it means that their facial center of gravity is lower. A trapezoid shape of the zygomatic arch and chin is formed.

All beauties have rocking chair mandible

This kind of mandible belongs to the typical rocking chair type, which is a common type of mandible in Mongolian, especially in Shandong Province.

The front and back ends of the rocking chair type mandible basically bend upward, which shows that the mandibular branch is slightly inclined, the overall position of the mandibular body is forward, and the chin tip has a feeling of stretching forward. On the left is a rocking chair mandible, and on the right is a conventional mandible.

From a spatial point of view, the relationship between facial types is actually the relationship between frontal bone, maxilla and mandible. How does this ladder shaped lateral facial bone form? Why do beauties with this bone look have special amorous feelings and sexy?

The law of facial bone development is that the more mature and the bigger the facial bone, we cant understand this matter with two-dimensional thinking. At the age of 5-6 years, the skull growth almost completed 90%, and the facial growth was still in a naive state. In adulthood, the ratio of skull to face was almost equal.

The growth of the skull is earlier than that of the maxilla, and that of the maxilla is earlier than that of the mandible. The growth and development curve of skull accords with the development curve of nervous system, and the growth and development curve of jaw basically conforms to the growth curve of physique. Of course, it is not a one-to-one correspondence.

The high or low zygoma will also affect the age sense of the face. Zygomatic protrusion will appear old and fierce. In essence, it is because bone development is a sign of maturity.

The characteristic of the trapezoid lateral face is that the chin is mature, but the frontal bone and zygoma have no superclass, that is, the lower court is the most mature among the three courtyards. This determines that in absolute space, the position of lips and chin is higher than that of ordinary people.

On the same front, with similar overall layout and proportion, Yang Caiyus profile is closer to the ladder shape than Liu Yifeis. whether Yang Caiyus lips are more conspicuous is also a feeling of pouting.

It belongs to the gene expression of ancient East Asia

This is the shape characteristics determined by gene coding. Rocking chair chin is a very common body structure in Bosnian people. Maybe this type of person is born with more developed androgen, and gene expression is that chin is stronger.

One of the main characteristics of Bosnian constitution is tall and strong. Women have smooth skin and hourglass figure.

Well, thats all for todays analysis of the trapezoid profile. From an anthropological perspective, there will be many different discoveries about beauty.