China, Japan and South Korea all want to wear this dress, only she wears the best look?

 China, Japan and South Korea all want to wear this dress, only she wears the best look?

Yesterday, Li Qin went to Tencent to set up a stall and also wore a French style jacket. However, because the clothes were black, Li Qin was also thinner and didnt wear French style.

In sister Lang, Jin Chen and Zhang Yuqi go through similar French styles.

Xiuzhi and rose have been wearing clothes recently, which is also due to a small green Daisy French style.

Todays French dress originated from the tea break dress worn by young ladies when they were drinking afternoon tea. Although its French style, it should not be exclusive to France. Its just that people in other places may wear more orthodox and serious clothes, and they dont have the romantic, casual and amorous feelings of the French.

Now the French dress, after the baptism of the times and the improvement of the style, has been greatly different from the original appearance, the skin is more exposed, wearing more casual.

First of all, we should observe the connection between the sleeve and the body of the garment. The red line in the figure below shows two kinds of connection. One is the lower one. The body is a bra. The sleeve should be used as a fabric to fill part of the shoulder. In fact, it is a variant of the raglan sleeve. If the sleeves of the following one are removed, the body is a bra rather than a vest. No matter how wide the shoulders are, as long as the bust is appropriate, it will not feel like a diamond Barbie.

The other is that the body is like a vest, and the sleeve fabric is not used as shoulder fabric. If this kind of fabric is not selected well, it will be easy for diamond Barbie. Pay attention to the difference of red line connection.

Its the same type of green polka dot style with wide shoulders on it.

After people put on clothes, the shoulder width will be divided into visual shoulder point and actual shoulder point. If the sleeve can help you eat part of the shoulder width, then the shoulder will look narrower. If the sleeve helps you increase part of the shoulder width, the shoulder will look wider.

But the premise is that the shoulder width design itself should be narrow. If the bubble sleeve is raised from the real shoulder point, the original shoulder width can not be eaten, and it will appear bulky. For example, the following cutting method is equivalent to installing a shoulder at the end of the shoulder, which will naturally become wider.

Japans soft girl brand is very good at hiding shoulders for girls. The shoulder width is designed to be only 30cm wide. Other shoulder widths of 6-8cm are all hidden in the sleeves for girls. The whole person looks narrow and round, which is very cute.

The figure below is also a soft girl card. We cant tell whether the shoulder width of this girl is left or right. It is possible to hide the wide shoulder and widen the narrow shoulder.

The shoulder width standard corresponding to the standard body is shown in the table below.

Therefore, if you want to choose the second style of French dress, it is recommended that the shoulder width data shown by the seller should be within 33cm, and the maximum width should not exceed 35cm, otherwise it will appear majestic.

For the following style of raglan sleeve variant, just choose it~

In addition to the shoulder cutting method, the material will also affect the shoulder width to a certain extent. Under the same sleeve width, the more elegant and light fabric, the shoulder will have less diamond feeling. For example, in the figure below, the left side is chiffon, and the right side is cotton cloth. The chiffon sleeve is vertical and looks much thinner. The cotton cloth looks stronger because of its hardness.

Finally, on the issue of price, there are many good-looking styles on the Internet, and many stores are selling them, but the price may be several times or ten times different. For this part, uncle oxygen also gives you a bit of a wake-up call.

Dont be superstitious about the small number of online stores. The assembly line of the clothing company is particularly detailed, and it pays attention to the special work (for example, the small presser foot is specially used for curling, which is very neat). If one link is less, there will be less delicacy. Therefore, we must give priority to brands with large production scale.

After looking at the manufacturers, we can compare the prices. Generally, the price is divided into goods. The production process of the processing factory depends on the equipment and process of the assembly line. The fabric is even more so. The same is chiffon. The texture, sag and color fastness of expensive chiffon and cheap Chiffon are very different.

For example, if you want to have the elegant feeling of walking with wind, you have to choose the thin and soft fabric. However, this kind of fabric is not only expensive, but also requires high technology, which is very difficult to make. Therefore, it is difficult to get the price down by referring to the fabric and technology at the same time.