Get the perfect summer make-up while watching the sweet TV show!

 Get the perfect summer make-up while watching the sweet TV show!

This play is a popular youth drama, which is unfolded from the perspective of four female students who are about to graduate from university and enter the society. It tells the story of youth worries and growing up perplexity.

Liang Shuang, played by Guan Xiaotong, is the most topical character among the four sisters in the dormitory. She works as a beauty blogger in her spare time.

Nevertheless, Liang Shuang is a very popular character. Her personality is real, no matter the shortcomings, advantages can be shown in front of her roommates, which is the biggest flash point in her body.

It is also because of the identity of the beauty blogger, Guan Xiaotongs makeup in the play is exquisite and perfect, but does not lose the youth and vitality that a 20-year-old girl should have. With naked makeup as the main make-up, focus on the transformation of the color of the lips and cheeks.

Beautiful scholar, which just started to hit the air, is a campus drama in ancient costume. It tells the story of the youth romance when Xue Wenxi, played by Ju Jingyi, enters the cloud school where only men can study.

Both in the drama and in private, Ju Jingyis make-up and state are very fairy. The mist base makeup and fashionable wild eyebrows make her look different. She is decorated with a halo dye lip dye to create a delicate and perfect summer look.


Heart of the sky in midsummer

This summer can not miss the idol drama heart of the sky in midsummer, which tells the story of rookie musician Luo Tianran and proud idol Jin Zeyi start the contractual marriage life under the circumstances of the wrong circumstances. Finally, they go through hardships and develop love. At the same time, they realize their dreams and write an inspirational midsummer love story.

However, Luo Tianran is optimistic and upward. Although she has encountered many difficulties in her life and work, she has bravely faced them and finally achieved complete happiness.

In the play, Yang Chaochaos eye-catching and fashionable shape is also one of the highlights. The most enviable thing is her moist swelling muscles. Her young face full of collagen just needs light make-up and cherry solid color, which can be beautiful.


This is a fixed makeup method invented by the worlds most popular male beauty blogger, uncle Goss. It changes the traditional makeup and make-up fixing steps.

In the past, our makeup was made up of liquid foundation after make-up milk, and the makeup was finished after the foundation makeup was finished. But the sandwich fixing method was the last time before the makeup before the makeup.

Application time: 2 minutes

Make up effect

Step 1, after skin care

First use the powder brush to dip in a little transparent powder and sweep the whole face

Step2, you can use finger foundation directly.

Choose the oil control liquid foundation to ensure the durability of the bottom makeup.

Step 3. Dip the powder again with the powder brush to make the final make-up

Makeup effect: because the use of loose powder, so whether the liquid foundation or light matte makeup effect will not be reflected too much, are the matte effect of makeup. This method will come out of the base makeup will be a little bit easy to card powder in the nose, so the first step is to control the amount of powder.

Dior lock up air cushion


The makeup method also comes from Goss, a beauty blogger, who uses a mixture of liquid foundation and makeup spray to make the makeup look like glue on the face.

Application time: 6 minutes

Make up effect

Step1, squeeze the right foundation on the spray.

Step 2. Wet and squeeze dry the beauty eggs

X-spray for manipulation

Step4, makeup spray dry after

Put a layer of powder on the beauty egg

Step5, finally spray a makeup spray to finish the makeup.

Makeup effect: as the makeup spray is added, the makeup will show a little subtle luster effect.

Editors recommendation

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This fixed makeup method is very classic, many domestic beauty bloggers have shared. Jingtian is also a loyal fan of this fixed makeup method, and once shared it on the beauty platform.

Application time: 4 minutes

Make up effect

Step1, foundation selection makeup effect partial matte oil control foundation

Pay attention to press hard in the position of nose wing, not easy to float powder

Step3, let the foundation and loose powder rest on the face for 1 minutes.

This is the baking process

Then use the powder brush to gently sweep away the remaining powder

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After watching the summer sweet show and getting super long standby makeup, today is indeed a beautiful day. I wish you all a happy weekend~

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