Sleep beauty sleep at 10:30 every day? It turns out that all the efforts for beauty are willpower

 Sleep beauty sleep at 10:30 every day? It turns out that all the efforts for beauty are willpower

Recently, I was successfully captured by the super inspirational growing up drama twenty is not confused.

Photo source: Weibo @ TV series 20

I dont know if there is any resonance when you watch this TV series, and think about the stage that was or is going through now.

Photo source: Weibo @ Guan Xiaotong

Photo source: Weibo @ TV series 20

Photo source: Weibo @ TV series 20

She, on behalf of a class of girls around her, is beautiful and self-conscious, trying to maintain her beauty.

Usually in order to maintain the body, but also refused to eat dinner, every day to eat all green leaf vegetables salad, think about people admire.

Healthy beauty secret recipe to learn

Liang Shuangs absolute self-discipline life and rest shocked me.

However, in order to maintain the beauty to achieve such an extreme, is it really feasible? Health is the premise. Dont ruin your body for the sake of beauty.

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Although eating grass is not advisable, her skin care secret recipe looks very reliable!

Photo source: TV series @ 20:00

Photo source: Weibo @ TV series 20

Keep the habit of going to bed early and getting up early

As a young man, it is normal to stay up late and play games. However, as a beauty loving sister, she turns off the light and goes to bed at 10:30 every day. This habit of going to bed early and getting up early is also valid.

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At 11 oclock in the evening, melatonin secretion is the most vigorous, early sleep can help the body improve immunity, immune period, skin will naturally be better.

Have you ever gone to bed early and feel your skin is in excellent condition the next day. Its not an illusion, sleep quality is good, can really show on the skin.

And how to improve sleep quality? Sleep in a dark environment helps to improve the secretion of melatonin. If melatonin is increased, sleepiness will be more obvious and sleep will be more comfortable.

Photo source: TV series @ 20:00

After emphasizing the importance of sleeping at half past ten, Shuang also gave Amway a retinol containing retinol which is used as a photosensitive ingredient. Does it really need to avoid all kinds of light?

In fact, otherwise, photosensitive skin care products, as long as avoid ultraviolet radiation can. The illumination and lighting of mobile phones and computer screens will not cause it to decompose.

There are many components that are easy to decompose when exposed to light, most of which contain a-alcohols and are recommended for use at night. In addition, vitamin C, arbutin and other whitening ingredients can not be used during the day, light easily pigmentation, skin color is getting worse and worse.

There are many ingredients that are easy to decompose when exposed to light. Skin care products added with fruit acid, other acid products (salicylic acid, amygdalin acid, etc.) and photosensitive essential oil ingredients can be used in the daytime, but they also have photosensitivity. It is necessary to do a good job in sun protection.

Insisting on skin care is a compulsory course for girls who love beauty

Photo source: Weibo @ TV series 20

In the pursuit of drama, you can often see Shuangjies figure of loving beauty. Mask and skin care products have not stopped.

Photo source: microblog @ Jiang Shuying

Even Wang Manni, who was next to the scene, quickly put on the mask. The skin care thing could not be laziness.

Before getting up in the morning, skin care can not only make you have the best state, but also wake up yourself; the skin care before going to bed at night is a baptism for people to return to themselves. Good mood and good skin condition need persistence to have.

20 years old to insist on skin care

Your skin can win!

Healthy work and rest + day after day skincare lessons, good skin condition will let you stand out at the age of 30 or even 40. Come and have a good skin care!

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