Xuanmei and Bili are all following the trend. The summer limit of fire all over the Internet is it!!

 Xuanmei and Bili are all following the trend. The summer limit of fire all over the Internet is it!!

Every time plmm people out, can always drive a new wave of trends! Insect sister really love sad, this time their shape, and hair color!

There are thousands of waves on the Internet, and the inspiration to tease Jennie is from Yang Guo, the originator of ear dye. This hairstyle is really only Nini Zi can control.

With the blessing of Silver Purple gradual hair color, Roses beauty has a wild and high cold, and wants to call this beautiful woman crazily.

Insect sister also brush to iz * one plmm, but also hair color change does not stop, Disney Princess theme play is not greasy, is completely beautiful to suffocate doll ah!

After seeing so many new models of womens League members, the Amway power in your insect body is ready to move! Today, Id like to share with you some hair dye templates for planting grass recently. Take it away~

Maybe there are many sisters who dont know what guaer dye is! In fact, its the same as the popular spot dyeing in the past few years. It just moves the dyed part to the ear~

So tiktok is really good for catching up. Its all the way to the beat, even the foreign version of tiktok.

In China, Xiao Wu is the most favorite hair style person. The black and gold ear dye is very outstanding. Its wonderful to match the pink and sexy top produced by domestic independent design brand WOOHA!

Long curly hair is also suitable for get. Its a mature and cool hyacinth~

He also arranged a white headband to neutralize the cool taste of sweet and cool peppers

Water ice blue noble cold color, stand on the stage is very eye-catching!

Chong Mei finds that the female lovers love blue. Zeng Keni, a popular super model womens team player, also clocked in this color to dye her ears. Her thick black hair shows a few small clips, which is low-key and interesting.

The sisters with black hair want to dye the bright color, but they are afraid that they cant hold it! Take a look at the black fluorescent green beyond my sister. No matter it is high horse tail or double horse tail, it is the finishing touch, and the bright color is not abrupt.

Insect sister often talks to you about the arrangement of hair, but dont you arrange it for me?! The braids on both sides are crossed with different hair colors, and the whole person is refined.

Short hair is still beautiful online, but also some playful taste!

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The advantage of ear dyeing is that mom can come to see the hair color! Anyway, it can be hidden in the hair, and its only when the hair is tied up that its eye-catching!

Compared with the ear dye, the split front and back hair color of the same model of Jennie in European and American fashion circles is the most popular one. I have seen many bloggers show their new head on INS!

In the first half of the year, when PA Jie released the new album future nostalgia, she brought this kind of hair dye in person! Gold light outside, dark inside, and the album conveys the perfect fit of big woman style~

The fashion world has always been in favor of being independent. Asian singer Rina Sawayama often uses a variety of hair colors to flaunt her uniqueness. This time, she was also planted in the same style of Jennie, and her orange color was the same as that of her clothes.

In the Amway ear dye, I mentioned many times the collocation of dark and light gold. This combination really does not distinguish people, or choose color matching is also very explosive!

Ms. Bi Li, the representative of avant-garde musicians after 2000, has always been very bold in her hair color! The green hair with dyed hair has been taken out of the circle. This years Grammy won the Best Newcomer Award. She appeared in the scene with this hairstyle. She is the most singing parrot~

In addition to the simple combination of black and bright colors, there are countless possibilities for hair top dyeing. Dye both bright colors on your head. Bold and fashionable color contrast~

See Miss sister dyed the same color, its really pretty, for the skin white people will be more white.


If you want to be more everyday, just dye the lower part of your hair, dark on the top and light on the bottom. For example, Cheng Xiaos brown, blue and green can also play forward top dyeing.

I also like the feeling of playing highlights to the extreme (but I dare not try it Its like putting all the good-looking pigments on your hair, and the messy graffiti is very beautiful.

If the hair top dyed light color, the retention period is about two weeks, you will face the trouble of losing color or growing new hair on the top of the head. If you dont like it, I suggest you choose some darker colors on your head, so you dont have to worry about it~

P-chart software

If you want to get these summer limited hair colors immediately, but you are afraid of regret after dyeing, you can first use the p-chart software to dye yourself to see the effect. Many people are using facetune2 Amway for you!

The hair that has been dyed before grows out, can also give it a good color ~ blonde and blue eyed womens group style, breaking through from the hairstyle is the simplest.

(Cr: Wusha band)

In addition to facetune2, treasure based apps such as picsart, Tiantian P-map and Meitu XiuXiu can achieve the effect of hair dyeing. If you learn P-map, you can save a lot of hair dyeing fees?

Universal wig

P if you enter the pit after the picture, you can try the happiness of wigs. The price is not expensive. You can have many hair colors from gray blue to Arctic green. You can take all the colors you dare not dye.

There are a lot of online tutorials, you can search to practice, anyway, wig film is not expensive, more to some, a week hair style is not heavy~

(Cr: drink Yibao)

ye one s hair

Insect sister see a lot of people will use cosmetics to color their hair, it will be very difficult to wash off! To be more realistic, buy your own hair dye or throw yourself into Tonys arms.

I dont know if you have your own hair dyed at home. I have tried many times. The effect is good and convenient! For example, amore, huawang and Schwarzenegger are popular hair dye products. Many of the hair colors introduced are quite female, but bleaching may be a little difficult, and others are very good~

After dyeing hair, we should also remember some tips! For example, dont wash your hair 2-3 days before you dye your hair. The grease on your hair can protect your scalp, and the coloring effect is better.

When the hair is half dry, do essential oil care, adhere to the use of hair mask to protect the hair, etc., so that the dyed hair can be more beautiful~

(Cr: Sisui Shen)