As a fashionable fairy, what is fashion without little white dress?

 As a fashionable fairy, what is fashion without little white dress?

The one shoulder dress adds a bit of girlish sweetness, revealing the sexy clavicle just right, and the tie-in shoes are more slender.

>>>>White lace skirt

Lace skirt has always been the best role in a womans wardrobe. Complicated lace slowly spread out on the skin, perspective design, let you full of noble sex appeal

The beautiful curve design of fishtail skirt, sometimes romantic and elegant, can not only show the perfect curve, but also reveal the naivety and lovely girl.

>>>>White tulle skirt

Tulle perspective is also a popular trend this year. The white yarn looks more fairy. Put on the white gauze skirt and be a fairy in the hot summer.

The one shoulder perspective dress is sweet and not greasy. With a black Choker, the beauty is just right.

Add the lotus leaf element, show sweet, match a pair of small white shoes, casual.

>>>>White + white skirt

The combination of white dress and white skirt is fresh allwhite.

However, Xiaobian thinks its better to choose white pieces with different fabrics. There are many choices for shoes collocation. In addition to being white, you can also choose summer sandals with one character belt, or canvas shoes with youthful vigor

This summer to incarnate a little fairy, quickly start chopping male small white skirt yo!