Three days to create a floor, the first domestic residential building machine came

 Three days to create a floor, the first domestic residential building machine came

Building machine is known as the national heavyweight of the construction industry. Recently, the first domestic residential building machine has been officially put into use.

On July 14, according to the economic daily, Chinas first residential building machine independently developed by China Construction Third Bureau of China Construction Group was officially applied to Chongqing Zhongjian Yuhu No.1 Project.

This residential building machine can lift 3 meters in 80 minutes and build a floor in three days at the fastest, creating a new speed in the field of housing construction.

According to Wang Lei of the Engineering Technology Research Institute of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, this residential building machine integrates the functions of external protective frame, telescopic awning, hydraulic distributing machine, formwork hanging, pipeline spraying, etc., and has the characteristics of light structure, large bearing capacity and multi-level anti falling.

The traditional building projects are all workers scaffolding and climbing. The construction workers labor intensity is high, the safety is poor, and affected by high temperature, rainfall and other weather factors, the work efficiency is low.

The real estate website has reported that it is very difficult for workers to reach the speed of one floor in four days under the condition of good weather and construction mode.

According to the Third Bureau of China Construction, the residential building machine can cover 5-8 structural layers at a time. When the main structure is being constructed on the upper part of the outer frame, the bottom of the outer frame can be interspersed with decoration and other multi-process operations at the same time, turning it into an aerial mobile factory that can grow independently with the structure, greatly speeding up the construction period.

Residential building machine can not only greatly improve the efficiency of building construction, but also reduce the risk and labor intensity of construction workers.

According to the Third Bureau of China Construction, the residential building machine can provide an all-weather closed working environment.

It uses steel platform walkway to form 13 unit openings with the width of 4-8 meters. Each opening is equipped with a retractable awning, which can be opened to lift materials during normal construction.

When the rainstorm is coming, the canopy can be closed at any time. When the weather is high, it can also close the awning and open the spray device to cool down.

Residential building machine can also feed back real-time data to the control center through the displacement sensor, so as to realize the automatic deviation correction of the system, with higher security. It only needs one manager to start in the control room and 5-6 workers can do safety inspection, which greatly saves labor force.

This residential building machine is especially suitable for the construction of high-rise residential buildings and public buildings over 100 meters. For example: residential, office, hotel and other projects.

According to the Chongqing property market, the cost of the residential building machine is about 2 million to 3 million, and the construction cost of a building will be 30% - 40% higher than that of the ordinary construction method.

But Li Jing, head of the projects engineering department, said that the residential building machine can be used in other buildings after building a high building. The more projects that use the machine, the more cost savings.

In addition to residential building machine, China Construction Group has independently developed and applied air building machine.

Air building machine, also known as intelligent lifting platform system, can make the builders walk on the ground at a height of several hundred meters, and efficiently carry out steel structure installation, steel bar binding, formwork installation, concrete pouring and other construction operations. It is mainly used in high-rise buildings with a height of more than 400 meters or urban landmark buildings.

According to Xian, at the end of June, the air building machine of China International Silk Road Center building was officially opened in Xian. The air building machine is independently developed and designed by China Construction Eighth Bureau, a subsidiary of China Construction Group.

According to wechat on the official website of China Construction Eighth Bureau. The aerial building machine can automatically climb from the ground to the structure height of 479.7 meters to solve the problems of high-altitude operation safety and working face. At present, it is the most advanced and leading super high-rise building equipment in China.

Source: responsible editor of interface news: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541