Kong Xueer flipped Maria, my focus is on her hair!

 Kong Xueer flipped Maria, my focus is on her hair!

This year, purple is especially popular, from hair color to make-up and then to manicure, which can be said to be the new net red. And hair dye part, grape purple, taro purple are particularly popular this year.

In fact, there are many kinds of purple hair color. At present, there are several popular ones

Grape purple

There is no need for bleaching and dyeing. In the indoor color is relatively dark, similar to black purple, but in the sun is purple. This color is suitable for the first time to try purple hair, and usually do not like to paint heavy makeup sister. This hair color with natural make-up is not against. Yu said in the program is the color of grape purple hair.

Taro purple

It needs bleaching and dyeing. Purple inside with a little pink, Kong Xueers recent hair color is this fragrant taro purple. Maybe its because her hair was red before, superimposed on this color. This color is very girly, and the overall color is warmer, so its not too picky about skin color.

Dream purple

It needs bleaching and dyeing. This purple is actually gray white superimposed with purple, which is more suitable for the skin color of European and American people. The most representative is Rosees purple hair color. This hair color is very picky. You need white and heavy makeup to hold it.


It needs bleaching and dyeing. This color is very popular on the Internet recently, because its color saturation is lower, so it is not so choosy skin color as dream purple, and it is very white! If you want to try light purple, try this color!

Now all kinds of household hair dyes are very mature, so it is not difficult to dye your hair at home. If you want to dye your hair purple, of course. If enough, you need to do your homework. Lets talk about it in detail today.

Pay attention to the following before dyeing hair:

Preparation 1

Prepare all kinds of cards, combs, gloves, rubber bands and other small tools;

Preparation 2

Before dyeing hair, it needs to fade to 9-10 degrees;

Preparation 3

Preparation 4

Ongoing 1

First, comb the hair completely with a comb. Do not knot. Then layer the hair;

Ongoing 2

After the lower layer is dyed, the upper layer of hair is dyed slowly. If the hair is more, it may have to be divided several times;

Ongoing 4

Pay attention to the following items after hair dyeing:

Reduce the number of times to wash hair, use fixed color shampoo products, use hair care oil.