Seven fancy uses of earrings not only make your ears beautiful quietly

 Seven fancy uses of earrings not only make your ears beautiful quietly

After wearing a T-shirt for the N + 1 time, I thought about how to make an ordinary T-shirt more attractive. Recently, I have seen a lot of street shot pieces with single sleeve design. I decided to try DIY with earrings.

Using earrings to create a single shoulder design like this can not only add points to T-shirts and wear their favorite styles, but also have similarities and differences between the V-shaped neck and the V-neck, which can lengthen the neck lines and show the small face. Round face girls are especially suitable for wearing this way. The only bug is not suitable for the girls who have too much meat to pay homage to. If they have too much fat on their arms, they will be pulled out.

The suggestion here is that the best choice of metal ring earrings to do T-shirt transformation. As T-shirt is a leisure piece, metal earrings can increase the aura and bring delicacy to the T-shirt. And the ring style is easier to gather the fabric at the sleeve, more shape, will not open the arm will be scattered.

How to wear it

Pass the collar and sleeve through the earrings and adjust the size of the fixed earrings~

How can a necklace be a hundred? The answer is, use earrings to make pendants. I really like my DIY Necklace very much. On the one hand, it can fully expand the utilization rate of earrings. On the other hand, it can also create different Necklace styles. It is not very practical.

Recently, metal chain necklaces like this are very popular. Its cool to wear T-shirts with casual everyday wear. But because it is too basic, its suitable occasions are still a little limited. Sometimes I take it to work or other formal occasions to wear a white shirt, as accessories, it is really not enough gas, even no sense of existence. At this time, I will use earrings as pendants. When commuting, I will choose Zircon Earrings. It is intelligent and appropriate. It can also enhance the overall shape by matching with a solid color shirt.

Every day, I choose the right Earrings according to the dress style and the occasion. Its much more cost-effective than buying a necklace with a fixed pendant.

Many friends will ask me if the earpin is too strong for the pendant. My experience is that it is better to choose a shorter earpin, and then fix it with a large round ear plug~

How to wear it

Choose a necklace with a small ring, insert the earrings into the small holes of the necklace, and fix them with ear plugs.

When it comes to brooch, many girls will think that it is both old-fashioned and not fashionable, which is the most dispensable piece. But when I used earrings as brooches, I suddenly felt that I had opened the door to a new world.

Of course, you can also use different styles of earrings to create your favorite brooch. Each style of earrings can redefine your coat temperament and wont collide with others.

Here is a reminder to girls that it is best to make brooches with stronger earrings and try to use them on tops with thinner fabrics, so that the pins will not be bent.

How to wear it

In the past few issues, I shared with you the fancy way to wear silk scarves. There was a message from Jimei backstage asking me if some ways of tying silk scarves would be easy to loosen. Today, Ill tell you another way to fix silk scarves - making silk scarf buttons with earrings.

How to wear it

Wrap a thin silk scarf around your neck and fix it at the junction with earrings.

Every summer, there are a lot of girls looking at all kinds of hair guidance, in this hot season with loose hair, I will tie up my hair to feel a cool summer. Recently, in addition to ponytail, I also fell in love with braided braids.

But to be honest, braids are really provocative. The top of my head is rather flat, and the back of my head is not round enough. After I tie the braid, I will look very ordinary. No one with a good-looking hairpin can hold it up. Since the effect of other headwear is not very good, I tried to clip the ear clip at the end of my hair. I felt that I changed from the old-fashioned braid style to the fresh one, and there was a bright spot in the age reduction.

Girls who love to try different hairstyles can really try to use ear clips as hair accessories. Its a surprise. What I want to show you is that the ear clip like this is best stuck in the fixed position of rubber band. If it is directly stuck on the hair, it will fall off easily.

How to wear it

After tying the braid, use the ear clip to clip on the side of the rubber band, which is simple.

I always thought that the collar button was very dispensable, but once my collar was rolled up, and I was in a hurry to go to work, so I nailed the earrings on the collar. The gravity brought by the earrings can quickly smooth the collar tip. Since then, I have also begun to love to use the earrings as the decoration of the shirt collar.

The big ring earrings like this are very cool. I always wear them when I go to the disco, but they are really flashy when I wear them everyday. However, as a practical wearer, I also want to make full use of it, so I hang it in the waist hole of my trousers, and match it with a street belt which is also a big hole, and instantly complete the upgrade from intellectual style to functional style.

If your pants dont have a belt hole, you can fasten the belt directly. Its OK to hang the earrings in the belt hole. In addition to pants, this also applies to skirts, especially in pleated skirts with this kind of ring pendant earrings, which immediately transforms into punk style.

How to wear it

Just looking at the name, I think their home design is very cute. I was attracted by this unique style at a glance in lookbook before. Many of their designs come from life. A button, a plug, or even a human hand can become their designs. They are very suitable for the girls who take the ancient spirit route~

This EARWEAR belongs to a small brand design, I recommend that the reason is that they will never collide with each other. Geometric elements and flower elements are the main series of their family, wearing temperament immediately come up.

Have you got all the earrings youve shared in this issue? I hope these tips can bring surprise to your daily wear. If you like the content of this issue, please give me a like

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