What veteran cadres? Obviously, he is a spiritual boy

 What veteran cadres? Obviously, he is a spiritual boy

Every day I listen to such words as youth feeling and schoolboy in campus department. I feel that the world is full of love.

But what you may not know is that some of your actions have long been included in the ranks of veteran cadres.

Level 1:

I think it became a mantra

Index of veteran cadres

Its not that I have done any earth shaking feat, but there is nothing to say about the life after becoming a social animal.

Level 2:

Folk all-round teacher

Index of veteran cadres

It doesnt matter if someone shares his confusion. Its not a big deal.

In the final analysis, you are still young... Look at me... and preach instead of chatting.

Level 3:

An emotional life that never progressed

I dont understand the fun of drinking and dancing when my colleagues are off duty. I just want to fall asleep after work.

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Finally got a chance to date the goddess?

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Of course, its not only the words and things that are regarded as veteran cadres, but also some fashion items that are always labeled as veteran cadres.

For example Polo shirt, let a lot of boys completely dare not try.

About polo shirt


Original image from Christian dada Menswear 2020ss

Polo shirt was originally called tennis shirt. It was worn by aristocrats when they played polo.


It has been gradually applied to more extensive occasions, such as golf, polo and so on. As time goes on, it is called poloshirt.


The original image is from msgmmenswear 2021ss


The original image is from Fendi Menswear 2020ss

The material is light, thin and breathable. It is cut properly. It will not be too tight or too loose. It is suitable for any life scene.

The original image is from selfmademenswear2020ss

Today we will break it together

Misunderstandings and prejudices about such a classic and practical piece.

Battle front

Truth: thats because were cute and nobody elses business

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Original image from Weibo @ Luhan studio

Coach Lu Hanlus wide striped polo shirt with three colors and denim trousers is really lovely.

Original image from Weibo @ son of tomorrow Superband

In addition to the slightly wider stripe pattern, the narrow stripe is also full of youthful feeling. The cool color matching makes people return to the campus instantly, saying that the old cadres are beaten.

Original image from Weibo @ Ding Yuxi

Original image from gucci restort2021

Misunderstanding 1:

Polo shirt = work clothes

Truth: let me see you today.

Pure color polo shirt has always been a minefield that many boys dare not touch. If you are careful, it will become work clothes. But in fact, its self contained and good sense of rules is the killingpart that transforms itself.

The combination of allblack and polo shirt was supposed to be boring, but Wang Yibo made full use of the white color contrast of the chest and hem and the right cutting, so that the whole body was simple and capable.

Original image from Weibo @ Wang Hedi_ Dylan

The ginger Polo jacket has been interpreted by Wang Hedi with a different retro flavor. The slightly open neckline reveals a bit of ruffian charm, which is super eye-catching.

The original image is from berluti Menswear 2020ss

Original image from Dunhill Menswear 2020ss

Whether its the tough atmosphere created by leather, or the sexy style of hollowing out, theres no conflict with polo shirt. The pure color matching does not affect their combination, on the contrary, it increases the males self-confidence and calm.

Of course, if you want a little sporty, the handsome boy will be realized in minutes. While keeping cool, it integrates youth and dynamism.

Misunderstanding 3: polo shirt = popular wear

The truth: on the personality of the minority, we are not losing at all, OK?

Original image from [email protected]_ one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four

Always think polo cant show your style? Wrong, wrong, wrong! Full of summer flavor of avocado and the border of the milky white decoration, tenderness index max.

Original image from [email protected]_ one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four

With the Black Polo Shirt with personalized printing, you can easily switch to personalized artist mode. The chain belt and flared trousers have become strong symbols of personal style.

The original picture comes from the serious Gaga people of Weibo @ Tencent video

Original image from gucci restort2021

The original image is from Marni Menswear 2020ss

Whether it is a classic old flower, or funny collocation, whether it is traditional or innovative, all can be well neutralized by polo shirt.

The original image is from Angus chiangmenswear 2020ss

And the modern sense of deconstruction design encounter, and can produce a new spark. Polo shirt classmate, how many hidden skills do you have that I dont know?

Old cadre products? I love it

Not only polo shirts, but also many so-called veteran cadre items can be very fashionable.


Original image from Weibo @ Mr_ Wu Yifan studio

The suit should be recognized by many people as the first item of veteran cadre. But just a little bit of fashion design detail is enough to slay the whole show.

Chinese suit

Original image from Weibo @ Cai Xukun studio

In the future, if you come across any other peoples saying about veteran cadres single product, please show them this article.

What veteran cadres? Its a spiritual boy.

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