Afraid to buy the wrong pants? Its safer for men to follow this size chart!

 Afraid to buy the wrong pants? Its safer for men to follow this size chart!

Now basically online shopping, if you dont know your size, its very troublesome to buy pants.

So before you buy clothes, you should have a good knowledge of the size. Purchase according to size or customer service advice. In this way, we can avoid the trouble of not being able to wear and return or exchange the goods.

Mens pants size introduction

There are four standards in the pants size chart:

international standard

It is generally believed that XS is extra small, s is small, M is medium, l is large, XL is extra large and XXL is extra large.


Domestic standards

The Chinese standard is based on cm




American Standard


European standard


There are two types of clothing in daily life

One is s (small), m (medium), l (large) and XL (large);

The other is the form of height plus chest circumference, such as 160 / 80A, 165 / 85A, 170 / 85A, etc.

Generally speaking, the first annotation is not standardized. No matter domestic clothing or imported clothing, the model must be marked according to the Chinese clothing model standard GB / T1335, and the English letters can only be used as auxiliary code.

Mens trousers size comparison table and conversion:

31 yards = 2.4 feet waist = 80 cm; 32 yards = 2.5 feet waist = 83.5 cm;

Size 33 = 2.6 waist = 87cm; Size 34 = 2.7ft waist = 90cm;

Size 36 = 2.8ft waist = 94cm; size 38 = 2.9ft waist = 96cm;

40 yards = 3.0 feet, waist = 100 cm.

Measurement method of mens trousers


Net waistline: measure one week at the thinnest part of the outer edge of the trousers;

Waistline of trousers: measure the circumference at the seams of waistlines on both sides for one week.

It is suggested that the size of pants should be enlarged by 1.5cm-2cm than the net waist.

[hip circumference

Breech circumference: from the waist down, the widest part of the trousers is measured horizontally for one week.

It is suggested that the size of pants should be enlarged by 1.5cm-2cm than the net waist.

Stand naturally with two feet apart, about 15 meters apart. The measuring point is under the buttocks. Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of the thickest part of the thigh muscles when they are relaxed and when they are strongly contracted and tightened.

[knee circumference

[calf circumference

Stand upright, weight evenly distributed on both legs, measure the circumference of the coarsest gastrocnemius muscle with a tape measure.


Net length: from the concave part of waistline to the joint of upper and sole of leather shoes;

Length of trousers: the distance from the waist to the bottom of trousers.

Rough algorithm of bust, waist and hip

Chest circumference = Height x 0.48 (e.g. standard chest circumference of height 175cm = 175cmx0.48 = 84cm)

Waist circumference = Height x 0.47 (e.g. standard waist circumference of height 175cm = 175cmx0.47 = 82.25cm)

Hip circumference = Height x 0.51 (e.g. standard hip circumference of height 175cm = 175cmx0.51 = 89.25cm)

32 is the European size standard. The pants size 32 corresponds to the waistline of 25 (city size), and the length of pants is 108CM. It is suitable for people with normal height of 180-185 or overweight people of height of 175-180.

Men and women are not the same, in terms of jeans, 32 size pants, mens pants length is 108 cm, womens pants length is 96 cm.

According to the survey, when men buy pants, they are often asked about the size of pants, but they cant answer the exact size of pants. This has become a headache problem. In the face of a variety of mens pants size comparison table, they are even more confused.

Since April 1, 1992, the national standard GB 1335-1991 clothing size and type has been implemented in China. It is formulated by the Ministry of textile industry and approved and issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision. The new standard is based on height, net chest circumference, net waist circumference and waist drop as the basis of size naming. For each size, the size of 10 key control parts necessary for clothing production is listed.

Type refers to clean chest circumference or waist circumference, while size indicates height.

Body Code is divided into y (lean body), a (normal body), B (fat body), C (obese body).

For example, if the size of pants is 175 / 68A, 175 represents height, 68 represents waist circumference, and a represents body shape.

Y type (22-17): thin type, the difference between chest circumference and waist circumference is 22-21cm (male), 24-19cm (female);

Type B (11-7): slightly fat type, the difference between chest circumference and waist circumference is 11-7cm (male), 13-9cm (female);

Sub size, European size refers to the different size systems in Asia and Europe, and the former and the latter can be further subdivided. For convenience, countries have established their own prototypes and standardized and counted the specific sizes of each size and part to form their own unified size specifications.

Of course, our country also has its own uniform size specifications, but when using the contrast between the South and the north, we should make the appropriate loose amount and size adjustment according to the specific style and combined with the structural size characteristics of the local human body.

I hope these little knowledge will be helpful to men. I believe many people understand how to calculate the size of pants after reading them. When buying pants, they can easily answer their waistline and how many pants are most suitable for them!

Buy the right size, but also reduce a lot of return and exchange trouble, buy clothes more convenient oh!