Canvas shoes, wear the right, very fashionable

 Canvas shoes, wear the right, very fashionable

Celine spring and summer 2020

High top + cropped pants


High top shoes and Capris are the best partner. High top shoes will wear to the ankle position, with pants when a small part of the leg exposed, it will be better to see, appears clean.

It is especially suitable for matching with Jiufen trousers, which can weaken the formal feeling of trousers and make them fashionable.

High top canvas shoes and cropped jeans are the coolest pair. Super model Kaia is a big fan of canvas shoes. Many of her styles have canvas shoes.

Canvas shoes + flared pants / wide leg pants


The flared pants with 9-point length and high top shoes only show the thinnest position of the lower leg, which is more thin.

The color flared trousers are bright and distinctive, and the simple white canvas shoes are very brilliant.

In addition to flared pants, wide leg pants are also very flattering.

Wide leg pants and canvas shoes are right to wear with eyes closed, but if you want to wear a more fashionable effect, you can choose color contrast or color matching with the top.

Canvas shoes + black pants

The omnipotent small black pants are the necessary bottom piece. The black tights with high top shoes can make the extension of the color higher and make the legs look thinner.


Canvas shoes are not just casual. If you match them with elegant skirts, you can match them with intellectual literature and art.

The high waist skirt with high waistline can be held in any body and height. As long as the legs are exposed as much as possible, the visual sense of the long legs will appear in minutes.

Short slightly fat figure, can match high waist dress, to optimize the proportion of the body, let the whole body line more beautiful.

With a Black Slim dress, it can set off the temperament and show more curvilinear beauty. The color matching of shoes and clothes is also suitable for summer.

The most famous brand of canvas shoes is converse. Besides converse, what other canvas shoes are worth starting with?


Because Europeans dont have the habit of wearing socks, the rubber soles are peppermint flavored, which can be said to be more durable than allstar.


Keds was earlier than van and converse. Unlike other canvas shoe brands, keds mainly played womens cards. The early carriers were big beauty stars like Monroe and Hepburn.



My favorite brand as a teenager. Until now, converse is still my favorite in canvas shoes. Converse has made a lot of innovations in design. Last year, converse launched a transparent version of high top shoes. This year, it and jwanderson jointly launched thick soled canvas shoes.

No matter how eye-catching the design innovation, the classic converse is still my favorite.

Once wore Converse canvas shoes to go far away, a pair of shoes to create effortless fashion, but also light and easy to walk.

Feiyue leap

Big domestic leap, through countless pairs, cheap and good-looking.

Especially the classic red and white and blue and white. Its very eye-catching on the feet, retro and fashionable. It can be matched with any clothes.

Leap of retro style small white shoes, in foreign street shot in the rate is very high.

Tired of wearing converse, vans, occasionally come two double leap, absolutely eye-catching

National pride. Now it is a must-have for fashion talents. Countless fashion talents and star supermodels bring goods for it. It has already gone abroad and become an obvious symbol of the world trend.

Volley Australia is an Australian brand. It was born earlier than Nike and Adidas. After its launch, it is very popular. Because it is easy to match, it is loved by many fashion experts.

Volleys shoes, no matter whether they are put on the racket or put on the feet, are full of a high-grade smell,

The fashion of canvas shoes has nothing to do with age and gender, and regardless of the price, it is a manifestation of fashion attitude.

It expresses the relaxed and literary part of human temperament, independent consciousness not bound by the trend and age.

You may not know that you look more relaxed in canvas shoes than any gorgeous and dazzling look.

Like canvas shoes, please give me some praise.

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