Owner of Hangzhou killed woman community: she used 2 tons of water at home on the day of her disappearance

 Owner of Hangzhou killed woman community: she used 2 tons of water at home on the day of her disappearance

Family members have posted notices to find people


It was her husband who committed the crime, killed and shredded the corpse... The incident occurred in Hangzhou Jianggan District Sanbao Beiyuan, a male owner who claimed his surname Sun told the Chinese business daily that Ms. Lai lived on the 8th floor of building 4 of the community. Hangzhou polices circular confirmed the previous speculation that Ms. Lais husband could not get rid of the relationship.

At about 21:00 on July 23, the official micro of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau issued a notice saying that the missing woman had been killed and her husband Xu was suspected of committing a major crime, and had been taken criminal compulsory measures by Jianggan branch according to law.

On July 24, the official website of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau announced that Xu had been taken criminal compulsory measures by Jianggan branch according to law

There is a big pond in the back of our community. He (husband Xu Muli) said that she left by herself in the early morning. At that time, many people suspected that she had fallen into the pond, but later, the water in the pond was drained and she was not found.

Xu previously told the local media in Hangzhou that in the early morning of July 5, Lai was strangely missing at home. When he got up at 0:30 a.m. on July 5 to go to the toilet, he saw his wife sleeping in bed. When he got up again at 5:30 in the morning, he found that she had disappeared. The family members checked the monitoring of the community and confirmed that the lady came home at 17:10 on July 4, but no monitoring showed that she left the community.

Ms. Lais husband Xu Muli said in an interview with local media that his wife left alone in the early morning

He later informed his wife and his eldest daughter that the eldest daughter went to her mothers house and found that her mothers ID card, wallet, mobile phone and key were not taken away from her home, except for a brown suspender Pajama for sleeping. At that time, I also asked the neighbor next door. The neighbor said that he slept late. Sometimes when I came to the elder sisters house to flush the toilet at night, I could hear the sound, but I didnt hear any sound on the night of the incident.

Ms. Lais eldest daughter went to Sijiqing police station of Jianggan branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau on the evening of July 6. The police have checked all the inspection wells, elevator wells, water storage tanks on the top floor and even all the monitoring in the community. It seems that lady Lai has really evaporated.


Husband kills his wife due to differences in borrowing money to speculate in stocks and moving back to the house for decoration

This Mr. Sun told the Chinese business daily that the community belongs to the relocation and resettlement community. The couple are two married families. The couple live with their 11-year-old daughter. It is said that a new house of more than 100 square meters is being renovated. Because of the ownership and decoration of the two sets of houses, Ms. Lai and Xu have had an argument, which has been confirmed from the neighbors.

The reporter of China business daily learned that Hangzhous housing prices are high, and the average price of second-hand houses in Sanbao Beiyuan, Jianggan District, is nearly 30000 yuan per square meter.

Mr. Sun said that this was also confirmed by the internal information circulated on the Internet. The reporter of the Chinese business daily noted that the online information without confirmation by the police showed that after the special work of Hangzhou police, at about 1:00 on July 23, her husband Xu Moli was summoned for the crime of intentional homicide. After examination, a 55 year old suspect from Hangzhou, Xu Moli, confessed that he had defects in his personality, repeatedly borrowed money from his wife to speculate in stocks, was refused to move back to the house decoration opinions, and other reasons, resulting in dissatisfaction. In the early morning of July 5, he killed Lai by covering his head with a pillow at his home in Room 802, unit 1, building 4, Sanbao Beiyuan, Jianggan District, and dismembered most of his corpses The body tissue flushed into the septic tank through the toilet, and part of the bones were taken to the outside and then scattered and discarded. At present, the police are looking for it.

Room 802, building 4, Sanbao Beiyuan, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, is said to have been killed on this big bed

In addition, Mr. Sun said that the property management personnel checked the water consumption of Ms. Lais house and found that on the day when Ms. Lai disappeared, they went to 2 tons of tap water. Many owners speculate that it should be Xu Mou Li after dismembering the corpse by flushing the toilet.


Suspect using shredder to separate corpse police clean up septic tank, wash and take photos

Mr. Sun said that in the high temperature weather in summer, the corpse can not last for a long time. Xu may have thrown the small corpse into the toilet to wash away, and the large corpse was taken away and discarded. Now the police use suction trucks to clean up the septic tank, wash the objects extracted from the septic tank, take photos and pack them away, this is evidence collection. She was dismembered.

Police investigation and evidence collection

In view of the use of the crusher, Mr. Sun said that it is impossible, because the sound insulation effect of the building is not good. If the crusher is used, the neighbors will certainly hear it. Perhaps as the case is solved, these suspensions will be uncovered by the police one by one.

On July 24, a reporter from the Chinese business daily tried to contact Ms. Lais eldest daughter and her husband, but her mobile phone was not answered. The reporter confirmed from an accounting firm in Hangzhou that Lai is not the cleaner of an accounting firm. The reporter contacted Hangzhou police to confirm that Ms. Lais husband Xu Moli is suspected of intentional homicide and has been controlled.

On July 24, the official website of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau issued a police notice saying that the case had made a major breakthrough. The missing woman had been killed, and her husband was suspected of committing a major crime. Now, Jianggan Branch Bureau has taken criminal compulsory measures according to law. The public security organ will hold a press conference in the near future according to the progress of the investigation and handling of the case to inform the relevant cases in time.

Lawyers statement

A husband who kills his wife can be convicted if there is no other evidence

One of the bases for conviction and sentencing is that the facts are clear and the evidence is sufficient. Although the remains are important evidence for the victims murder, they are not the only evidence. For example, if other evidence, such as the defendants confession, witness testimony, material evidence, audio-visual materials, electronic data, etc., forms a complete evidence chain of intentional homicide, it can also be convicted.

On July 24, Zhao Liangshan, senior partner and well-known criminal defense lawyer of Shaanxi Hengda law firm, analyzed that if it is true that Xu killed his wife and decomposed the body, it would constitute intentional homicide, whether based on economic interests or other reasons.

Zhao Liangshan said that according to Article 232 of the criminal law, intentional homicide shall be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of more than 10 years; if the circumstances are relatively minor, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years. In this case, Xus method is cruel, the crime is extremely bad, the highest penalty is death penalty.

In response to the online rumors that Xus 11-year-old daughter was informed, Zhao Liangshan believed that even if the 11-year-old daughter concealed her fathers criminal act and did not truthfully confess to the public security organs, she could not bear criminal responsibility. According to the criminal law of China, the age of criminal responsibility for eight kinds of violent crimes is over 14 years old. The 11 year old daughter is young and immature, and it is justifiable that she conceals the case under the threat of her father.

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