Shen Mengchen is the c-position hidden in the elder sister? WOW!

 Shen Mengchen is the c-position hidden in the elder sister? WOW!

In the stage of Manta, her floor dance is comparable to that of the real womens troupe, and she is not inferior to Wang Feifeis top player

Because of this program, Shen Mengchen also has a fan filter station sister out of the circle God map:

You know, before Shen Mengchen participated in these variety shows, she was black all the way. It is believed that many people will still remember the points where she was attacked at that time, and even her love affair was not favored at that time.

She is quite amiable in life and looks like a girl who will appear around us. On the stage, she is very stable in hosting, singing and dancing, making no big mistakes, and even more brilliant. In addition, the more dare to from the black, as well as a happy family and, and sweet love. Who is not envious?

Heres how I feel

On the stage of these public performances, we can see the degree of Shen Mengchens intention.

From powerful dance and eye killing:

To sexy and seductive floor action:

Not only that, her shape is also changed according to each theme, but the blue eye liners charm face hangs for one day in the hot search.

Compare her everyday lovely make-up:

Youre right. She not only has a lot of research on her make-up, but also a hidden c-spot in the stars!

As we all know, stars will insert some embedded ads into their Amway. In fact, this situation is very common, and it is gradually accepted by us. But there is a big difference between implantation and implantation.

Take Shen Mengchen as an example, even if it is implanted, her recommendation is also very distracted, whether it is the use of words or on the face, you can see the obvious effect and intuitive use of feeling. Im an old driver in the lake. Im not even a passer-by. She even planted some things and gave me a list

First of all, her personal situation will be very real. For example, she said she was black and yellow, so she had to use white color and products. Isnt that what we ordinary girls need most?

Secondly, according to her own situation and experience, she will use the product to show you the effect and solution. For example, her own eyelashes make complaints about her short eyelid.

But she also needs to make the eyelashes beautiful and curly, and blend with the false eyelashes, otherwise the bifurcations of the two eyelashes are really embarrassing. So what? Instead of recommending some products directly, she integrated her feelings, situations and products into the whole process of makeup

The first thing is to iron your eyelashes. Heat the eyelash clips in hot water. And then to clip eyelashes, this is the same principle as the electric eyelash clipper, it is only manual.

Plus the eyeliner, it can be said that the effect is real.

In the course, Shen Mengchen mentioned several points.

The first is to choose eyelash clippers. You should choose eyelash clippers according to the radian of your eyes. For example, if the eyes are flat, they are suitable for such eyelashes as Kimura show and Muji portable version; if the eyes are more bulgy, they are suitable for eyelashes with larger radian, such as suqqu and Shiseido craftsman. After choosing the right eyelash clip, look at the technique again. In the clip eyelashes, absolutely do not appear right angle eyelashes, try to roll out the natural arc. It takes a lot of effort on your wrist to flip the clip.

When you paint your eyelashes, you should also have some tips. The eyelash base should be the thickest part. Many people draw eyelashes from the middle of the eyelashes upward, so that the eyelashes will have a hollow sense of vision, feeling that the eyelashes grow from the middle without roots. The eyelashes are also more likely to collapse because of unstable foundation..

Dont brush fly legs, create natural fluffy eyelashes. The secret here is to keep the tip of the eyelash to retain the natural tip feeling of the hair. Do not let the mascara overcover the tip of the eyelash. You can scrape off the extra mascara with your fingernails.

You can see if this recommendation is really out of your mind. Can we not plant grass?

So lets see what shes recommended!

When she recommended TF15, she said that black skin must be bought, and she personally tried the color on her mouth, and the effect was obvious.

When she recommends eye shadow, she will show her eyes. In particular, she love the sequins of monochrome eye shadow, the effect of the makeup before and after the contrast is very strong. In particular, it can stimulate peoples desire to buy.

When recommending Lancome air cushion, you will also present a comparison between left and right faces, which is convenient for you to check the makeup effect

So serious Amway, I dont believe you cant eat it:

@As female stars know, dont use brand-new PR products. They say they have used them for a long time. Thank you.