Meng Jia is the first in the butterfly tide

 Meng Jia is the first in the butterfly tide

Training in the training room, beautiful and SA, this hand directly to the peoples heart. Of course, the little butterfly between Meng Jiaer is really eye-catching.

With the blessing of butterfly accessories, Jia seems to be a butterfly fairy in the flowers. Her every move is so sexy and sassy.

In fact, Meng Jia is a true butterfly fanatic and loves butterflies to the extreme. For example, if a fan mentions the word Butterfly in the comment area, she will turn over

If you look at her insstory, you will soon become a large butterfly breeding site. It is full of colorful butterfly filters. Of course, the mobile phone holder must also be a butterfly!

Not only that, the butterfly also flew to Meng Jias clothes. A few days ago, some netizens photographed Yu Kewei and Meng Jia out of the street together. Meng Jia was wearing butterfly printed short sleeves, which was fashionable and eye-catching.

Yes, thats right. The butterfly wind is very strong this year, and the fashion degree of the animal industry ranks first. The light butterfly often appears in all kinds of blockbusters, becoming the most nimble partner of Wang Yibo and Yang.

Farhadre haute couture2020

In 2011, the butterfly elements of the butterfly series appeared on the stage of the butterfly fashion, and the beauty of the beauty of the butterfly queen was always on the stage.

Alexis mabille 2014 spring and summer Gaoding series of white butterfly fairy dress is high-grade and atmospheric. The snow-white butterfly falls on the shoulder, neck and wrist, as if Disney is a runaway princess out of the street.

Alexis mabille 2014 spring / summer Gaoding series

Valentino 2014 spring and summer Gaoding series of butterfly skirt is luxurious and elegant, colorful butterflies like attached to the skirt, full of Fairy Spirit.

Valentino 2014 spring / summer Gaoding series

In addition to the show, in our daily life, butterflies are also the most eye-catching existence. Xu Jiaqi of the 9 interprets the butterfly element many times this year. Im afraid all the butterfly pieces on the upper body cant be put down.

And Xu Jiaqi will not cling to big brand clothes. The butterfly long sleeve T-shirt she wears is directly on some treasure, ranging from dozens to hundreds, which is grounding enough.

Its good-looking and cheap. Its true that Kikis wave of Amway plants grass. Some fans ridicule Xu Jiaqis ability to speak for the big moth. Its not too much to say that the grass planting machine with butterfly element walking is not too much.

Amy way high waist lace short sleeve is about uffe5 108

This year, butterflies are definitely in full bloom in the fashion circle, from make-up, filters, accessories to wear, are deeply loved by everyone. Romantic artistic tone and gentle elegance are the reasons for the formation of Butterfly Effect. Dont you catch up with this wave of butterfly?

Different wearing rules of butterfly accessories

Butterfly element jewelry is one of fashionable icons favorite items. Butterfly Hair Clip, earring, necklace, brooch, belt and other jewelry can be used. Yao Chen pinned the butterfly brooch on his waist, which complemented the black split leg skirt.

Previously, IU went to the fashion week to see the show, wearing an orange dress and wearing a similar crystal butterfly Choker, but the crystal butterfly on the IU collar was bigger and more delicate.

Gucci jewelry crystal butterfly collar uffe5 7600

Jennie uses a butterfly pendant to match the blue and grey printed T-shirt, and the famous right angle shoulder is also unique.

Stephen Webster butterfly pendant is about uffe5 33216

Lisa has worn a similar necklace, but this one is from wonderingyouth. You can get it for only uffe5 87.

Wonderingyouth Butterfly Pendant uffe5 87

Who said that boys cant wear butterfly jewelry, fan Chengcheng wears a gold butterfly on his chest. The necklace comes from the famous Butterfly brand dmckal, which has been mentioned before. The price is uffe5 698.

Dmckal Butterfly Necklace uffe5 698

Zheng Shuang Butterfly Girls practice is to pin it in the hair, with Butterfly Hair Clip embellishment in the hair, simple and fresh.

Zhou Bichangs butterfly belt with metal texture around his waist is dynamic and shining. Its between the colorful polka dot dress and the flash coat. Does it dazzle you?

A butterfly flies to the dress room

Zhong Chuxis butterfly printed suspender dress of WOOHA is also the most popular one recently. The cut-out waist design is thin and cool, and the butterfly print on the chest injects flexibility and vitality into the plaid skirt.

Woha butterfly print suspender skirt uffe5 269

Wu Xuanyi also wore a butterfly sling skirt, but this dress selected by me is more ingenious in design. The butterfly on the chest is made of reflective fabric, so it will glow when the surrounding environment is too dark. In addition to the luminous butterfly, the two three-dimensional butterfly at the shoulder strap also attract peoples attention, like flying around you.

13demarzo butterfly embroidered dress uffe5 2359

This years hot BM wind has to rub the heat of butterflies (I dont know who rubs who). This short sling that Cheng Xiao wears comes from brandy Melville. Butterfly Embroidery can be salt or cool.

Xu Lu and Sun Yi also wear the same style. Similar to BMs, the piece with only one butterfly in front of the chest is very easy to match, and it is not difficult to control it. You can get it by wearing an oversize coat or a contrasting suspender skirt.

Brandy Melville Butterfly Embroidery sling about uffe5 178

Excellent treatment for patients with phobia

Want to cure your phobia? Lets take a look at the palm angels Butterfly shirt that Zhou Zhennan is wearing. Its full of colorful butterflies. Its a cool and handsome youth in flower season~

Palm angels butterfly printed shirt uffe5 5870

Palm angels butterfly printed shirt uffe5 5870

Flower shirt is not easy to wear, Butterfly shirt is even more difficult, exaggerated and eye-catching. To challenge the big print sisters Kangkang songyanfeis dressing method, the lower body uses low-key black shorts and white board shoes to neutralize the Butterfly shirt, so that the overall look is not so messy.

Palm angels butterfly printed shirt uffe5 5870

Wu Xuanyi finds a balance between the conspicuous and low-key of the butterfly. Her butterfly printed coat is exquisite and straightforward. The gradual butterfly is lifelike, and it is also made of luminous fabric. The black suit brings a trace of low-key and handsome to the overall shape.

13demarzo butterfly print luminous suit uffe5 3864

Liu Yuning and Zhai Xiaowen both wear the same style. It seems that this butterfly suit is a man and a woman~

13demarzo butterfly print luminous suit uffe5 3864

Yu Shuxins butterfly is much more elegant. If you dont look carefully, its hard to find groups of butterflies hidden in the lace bubble sleeves. Butterfly printed white yarn Princess shirt + yarn shorts with bow high-heeled shoes, elegant and playful, xinxinzi is really good at wearing!

Zimmermann butterfly printed white yarn Princess shirt uffe5 5950