27 seconds paddle save people male canoeing athletes restore the real experience

 27 seconds paddle save people male canoeing athletes restore the real experience

Recently, a video of 27 seconds paddle saving people has caught fire on the Internet. The video was shot near the taohuayu bridge in Xingyang section of the Yellow River. At that time, a fishing man fell into the river and was carried down by the overturning river. At the critical moment, someone rowed a paddle board to rush into the river from the bank. After successfully intercepting the falling person, he was dragged onto the board in the standard way of paddle to save people. The rescue process took only 27 seconds, which made netizens who watched the video exclaim.

The rescuer in the video is Ma Chenglong, a 21-year-old canoe athlete from Henan Province. After five years, through professional skills, Ma began to work in a water sports club in Zhengzhou. Although I left the professional team, I have been dealing with water all these years, and I havent lost my basic skills.

Mr. Ma recalled that the video was shot on the afternoon of July 21, when he and several friends were playing on the Bank of the river with the paddle board with him. The man should be fishing, and then I dont know why. Maybe he was fishing. Its the flood season now. The river is so fast and fierce. I think his situation is very dangerous. His head is almost in the water, so he quickly rowed the board and rushed over.

First use the paddle board to intercept the person falling into the water, and then use its own force to make the board turn over twice (first turn to the bottom to the sky, and then return to the normal state), and make the diver lie down on the board with skillful force - Ma Chenglong said, if I happen to catch up, I happen to be on the river, and I just take the board. Its not so cool. The key is to save people.

Its not a drill, its not a show, its not a name, its just because the scene is in a hurry

The 27 second video of paddle board rescue was on fire, but in the praise, a few netizens asked why this video is similar to a previous rescue drill in the water?

The video of the rescue exercise mentioned by some netizens was shot recently. It was a flood control and emergency rescue drill in Ankang City, Shaanxi Province on July 17, this year. Paddle board was also used to save people.

In doing so, this video of Ma Chenglongs response to him is real. Its not the rehearsal. The reason why he didnt leave the name of the person who fell into the water was that after returning to the shore, everyone was in a bit of a hurry, and they quickly separated from each other. When I came up from the river, everyone was in a bit of a mess. I didnt want to take the initiative to write down the name of each other. After landing, I asked him if he felt OK. He replied that if there was no big deal, it would be over.

Moreover, in terms of the flood season conditions in the Yellow River at that time, the river was very urgent and fierce. Ma Chenglong joked that it would be too much fun for anyone who wanted to pay attention to it at this time. The video was taken by my friends who were with me at that time, and then I thought it was a little interesting, so I uploaded it to the video account. I didnt expect that it would be seen by so many people later. In the Yellow River at that time, even if professional athletes were allowed to play the role of drowning people, no one dared. It was too risky.

After the video became popular, Ma accepted many media interviews, from which he said that saving people is an instinctive reaction, and he does not want to upset his normal life because of this incident.