Suspended giant bonus sharply reduced, Federer fell 88percent, Nadal lost 5.6 million

 Suspended giant bonus sharply reduced, Federer fell 88percent, Nadal lost 5.6 million

Since the new champion epidemic has suspended tennis matches in March, a reporter has compiled a list of bonus income, and compared the income of the top 10 players in the world in 2019 with that in 2020. The calculation cycle is from January to July. The figures show that the more outstanding the players are, the greater the loss of bonus is, of which the three giants are undoubtedly the first to bear the brunt.

In terms of decline, Federer, who is about to turn 39, is undoubtedly the worst. In 2019, Federer won $5739749 between January and July. During that period, he played nine races, including winning in Dubai, Miami and Harley, second in Wimbledon and Indian Wells, and third in income after Djokovic and Nadal in the same period last year.

However, by 2020, Federer will only participate in the Australian Open, scoring in the top four and losing to Djokovic, earning $714792, which is his total bonus income this year, which is $5024957 less than the same period last year. Since February, Federer has left the field with a knee injury, and the 20 Grand Slam champion has had two knee arthroscopic surgeries and announced his season reimbursement in advance. In fact, Federers income will be seriously affected whether the tennis season is restored or not.

Nadals decline in the top 10 ball hands, second only to Federer, reached 81%, but in absolute terms is the highest number. Like Federer, Nadal also played nine races between January and July 2019, winning the French Open and Rome masters, and finishing second in the Australian Open final, earning $6999385, second only to Djokovic in the same period. But since 2020, Nadals bonus amount is only $1329267, down 81% from the same period last year, but the absolute number is $5674118, pushing Federer down to the top of the loss list.

Recently, Djokovic, the worlds most controversial figure, fell by 49% relatively small, but the absolute figure was also $4315161. Outside the big three, Tim, runner up at the French Open and Australian Open, lost $218404, or 56%. Medvedev lost $837446, or 54%, while sisypas revenue fell by $2008122, or 71%.