Why is the loss of WTA more serious than that of ATP after the cancellation of Chinese season?

 Why is the loss of WTA more serious than that of ATP after the cancellation of Chinese season?

Today, ATP officially announced the cancellation of Chinas 2020 season. This means that the only stop in Asia, including atp1000 masters, Shanghai Masters, atp500 China open, atp250 Chengdu open and atp250 Zhuhai tennis championship, will be cancelled. Outside the affected four ATP Tour events, ATP also said that the policy is also applicable to other major international events in China that were originally planned.

These important events are the cornerstone of the development of the ATP tour in Asia. I want to thank the organizers for their cooperation. Chinese fans are the most enthusiastic fans in the world and I know our players are looking forward to the next chance to play in front of them. Said Gordon.

On the womens net, the official WTA announced the cancellation of this years weekend in China a day ago. Seven internal events, including China open, Wuhan open, Jiangxi open, Zhengzhou open, Shenzhen WTA year-end finals, Zhuhai WTA super elite and Guangzhou International Womens Tennis Open will be cancelled.

Simon, WTAs chairman and chief executive, said it was disappointed but should be decided and hoped that tennis would return to China as soon as possible. We are very disappointed that we can not hold international competitions in mainland China this year. Unfortunately, the decision also includes the cancellation of the WTA year-end finals in Shenzhen and the corresponding Porsche Mike to Shenzhen scoreboard. But we think the decision has been made and we look forward to WTA returning to China as soon as possible next season.

No, this years ATP announcement that they will adjust the schedule for the rest of the season until the ATP finals in November to be announced within two weeks. The latest schedule after adjustment. WTA said it would play more games this season to provide more opportunities. For these reasons, they are considering a final adjustment to the provisional calendar.

Among the cancelled womens tennis events, there are many year-end competitions, Wuhan open at super five levels, and heavyweight competitions such as the crown match of four Grand Slams and China open. Therefore, the cancellation of the event will bring the loss of interference to the organizers, sponsors and athletes. It has been reported that WTA intends to add some events in Europe to approach the vacancy of Chinese events. At the same time, these competitions can make up for the losses and meet the needs of athletes in competition and training.