Former Syrian opposition fighters fear pecking at each other in Libyas Civil War

 Former Syrian opposition fighters fear pecking at each other in Libyas Civil War

According to the report, due to the destruction of the Syrian civil war and the U.S. sanctions, many Syrians living in distress were forced to come to Libya to serve as mercenaries, some joined the armed forces of the government of national unity, while others joined the Libyan National Army led by haftal.

Before long, we will face an embarrassing situation in which those who have jointly tried to overthrow Syrian President Bashar will shoot each other on the battlefield of another country. Syrian truth and justice, said bashim Ahmed, co-founder of the organization.

The national unity government of Libya and Turkey and Qatar behind it, the national army of Libya and Egypt and the United Arab Emirates behind them all accused each other of bringing extremists into Libya.

According to a report released by the US Department of defense on July 17, Turkey sent 3500 to 3800 Syrian mercenaries to Libya in the first three months of this year alone, but no evidence has been found to prove that these people are related to the Islamic state or Al Qaeda.

According to a report released by the United Nations in May, Russias Wagner group sent at least 1200 mercenaries to fight in Libya, although the Russian government denied interfering in the internal conflict in Libya.

According to a report released by the organization truth and justice of Syrians, it is estimated that about 3000 Syrians are employed by Russias Wagner group, earning between $800 and $1500 a month.

The report quoted a Syrian named Yusuf as saying that he was a member of the Syrian free army, but later reached a settlement agreement with the government. However, the government did not erase his record of participating in the rebel army, and his life was very poor. When he was desperate, he joined the Russian supported mercenaries to Libya, so that he could get $1000 a month The salary of yuan, and his record of joining the rebels, can also be erased under Russias guarantee.

According to the report, these Syrians have no interests in the civil war in Libya, and most of them do not even know about the civil war in Libya. Their only purpose is to make money. The wages of mercenaries in libidam are 20 times higher than those in Syria. Even those who want to go to Libya for mercenaries have exceeded the needs of Turkey and Russia. (end)

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