Us and UK: Russia tests space weapons in orbit this month

 Us and UK: Russia tests space weapons in orbit this month

US space command Mingzhong said there was evidence that Russia had conducted a non-destructive test of space-based anti satellite weapons. On July 15, Russia released an object into orbit from Cosmos 2543. The new object has been numbered 45915 by the US space force.. Cosmos 2543 will be launched at the end of 2019.

The statement also said the new object was released near another Russian satellite, which the command said was inconsistent with Russias claim for detection purposes. General John Raymond, commander of the U.S. space commanduff08 Gen.JohnW.Raymond uff09The on orbit weapon system for this test is the same as the Russian system that we focused on earlier this year, the last time Russia tested near a U.S. government satellite, he said..

Air force major general air vice Marshall Harvey Smyth, head of the UKs Ministry of Defences space chief, said that such acts threaten the peaceful use of outer space and may cause debris, posing a threat to other satellites and space station systems. We call on Russia to avoid further such tests. .

CNN commented that the accusation comes at a time of tense relations between the United States and Russia on a range of issues. Recently, the United States has repeatedly accused Russia of cyberattacks, human rights violations and the use of Russian mercenaries to intervene in the Middle East and Libya against research institutions involved in the development of the new coronavirus vaccine. Although the United States has repeatedly accused Russia of testing anti satellite weapons, this is the first time that the United States has publicly accused Russia of testing space weapons in orbit.

The State Department said earlier that assistant secretary of State Christopher Ford plans to hold a space security exchange meeting with Russian representatives at the end of this month. On Thursday, Ford claimed that it had no intention to limit its own military control in space.

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