Farewell to fathers Gym and running girl to start professional training tour

 Farewell to fathers Gym and running girl to start professional training tour

On July 23, Zheng Guohua (second from the front left) is warming up at Wuchuan training base of Inner Mongolia Sports Bureau.

Under the care of Inner Mongolia Sports Bureau, Zheng Guohua came to Wuchuan training base. Xing Jun, deputy director of Inner Mongolia track and field sports management center, arranged for Liu Bao and Tao Haitang, professional coaches of middle and long distance running, to guide her. She will also train with professional sports teams in Wuchuan training base.

I didnt sleep well all night, and I thought to myself, whats a coach like? Zheng long, 43, said with a smile.

After lunch and dormitory arrangement, the staff told Zheng Guohua to have a rest and start training at 2:30 p.m.

Zheng Guohua (front) warm up with roller.

As time went by, Zheng Guohua joined the small members of the Inner Mongolia track and field team, who came to the training ground from the dormitory with a foam roller and a yoga mat. At the edge of the stadium, there is a shade of trees. The athletes spread out the yoga mat in the shade of the trees, and began to warm up with the foam roller before training.

Zheng Guohua is warming up.

Zheng Guohua has a kind of learning, but obviously feel that some movements are not standard, and the players around her give her advice from time to time. Put your right foot on the ground, dont hang in the air. Its on the side of the thigh.

After relaxation, Tao Haitang, who is specially responsible for training small team members, arranged the afternoon training plan: 8 km relaxation run, 3 sets of equipment training in the gym.

Zheng Guohua (sixth from left) trains with members of Inner Mongolia track and field team.

Zheng Guohua began to run with the team, only one lap. Tao, who stood at the edge of the court, said: the ankle joint strength is not enough, the overall coordination is OK, and the landing leg bending is not good.

After four or five laps, Zheng Guohuas steps began to become messy and could not keep up with the rhythm. This is the difference between amateur and professional, Tao said. Although the little girl has dreams and has been training hard, she still needs scientific guidance

Zheng Guohua (second from left) listens to coach Tao Haitang (first from left) to explain action essentials.

Standing on the edge of the court, Zheng Long listened carefully to Taos instructions and took some videos or photos for his daughter from time to time.

After 8 kilometers of relaxation run, I came to the gym for equipment training, many of which Zheng long and Zheng Guohua had never seen before. Seeing the athletes lifting the barbell at the same time, there are still fast moving steps under their feet. The rhythm and speed are very fast. While recording the video, Zheng Long murmured to himself, its not the same, its really different.

Zheng Long (right) takes photos of his daughter Zheng Guohua (middle) for coordination training

Come on, come on! Zheng Long said, if you dont come here to see these high-level athletes and coaches, its impossible to find these problems, and her achievements cant make great progress.

After half a days training, Zheng Guohuas frustration is obvious.

Zheng Guohua seems to be thinking about something.

Well, I want to cry. The gap is too big to keep up. Their speed, pace, and just the equipment training, I am too poor. And the altitude here is so high that I feel like I have to breathe hard now. Zheng Guohua said with his head down.

However, Zheng long wanted to be more open. He comforted his daughter: finding the gap is good. If the coach says you are wrong, you can correct it. Dad didnt know what was wrong, or the coaches were good. Its right to practice well and change well.

In the afternoon, Wu Chuan took his father home.

Facing the coming collective life and professional training, Zheng Guohua is worried. But the way she runs, there will always be a day when her father cant guide her. She has to play alone.