What kind of ambition is hidden behind the platform of frequent sending force?

 What kind of ambition is hidden behind the platform of frequent sending force?

In fact, although the Internet industry has developed for many years, it has not been warm or hot. The recent contract storm between Yuewen group and its creators has pushed the long-standing contradictions behind the industry to the front. Why does byte hopping look at this track? What chess is byte skipping playing behind the frequent force?

As a matter of fact, the reason why the byte jumps into the local network text field is not complicated. In recent years, the digital reading market and its derivative business value have been increasing.

According to AI media consulting data, the scale of Chinas online literature market will reach 18.05 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year growth of 17.6%, maintaining a steady growth state.

The scarcity of high-quality content has always been the biggest pain point of byte beating. For byte skipping, the fragmented content reading market has entered the integration period, and high-quality content is still scarce. In terms of long-term development, byte skipping is more likely to penetrate upstream IP in long-term video and film and television tracks through code adding reading platform companies.

Byte skipping aims to add code and open up the content ecology of its own platform. Liu JIEHAO believes that in addition to social networking, content IP is the key area for Internet enterprises to lay out, and the deep linkage and integrated operation of literature IP and pan entertainment types such as film and television, games, animation and so on will, to a large extent, promote the continuous improvement of IP library value. As one of the sources of entertainment IP, online reading has great value potential.

In the view of Dong Minna, tiktok mutual entertainment analyst, the headlines have huge traffic through the layout of watermelon video and jitter, and how to keep more users on the platform requires continuous content output. It is also more suitable to enter the Bureau for its low acceptance threshold, wide audience and strong communication.

The deeper reason is that it has launched more challenges to the old giants such as Tencent, Baidu and Ali, especially Tencent, which has the most brilliant performance in the entertainment sector. Dong Minna told time finance.

According to QuestMobiles 2020 mobile Internet panoramic ecological report, Baidu department, Ali department, Tencent department, Kwai line and fast hand occupied 80% mobile Internet in the past year. Taking the data of March this year as an example, Tencent accounts for 43.2% of the total, and the headline accounts for 12.9%.

Tencent has the most obvious advantage in the Netcom track. It directly holds 56.87% of the shares of the industry leader yangyuewen group. With the help of Tencent pictures and Xinli media, it has realized a mature IP derivative realization Chain. The previously popular IP reformer, Qingnian, has its own hand. Baidu through investment in seven cat novels, shares in palm reading, with the aid of iqiyi to achieve IP realization is also not to be underestimated.

Although the byte jumps into the board late, but also not less effort. In the wave of free online text last year, the byte beat and launched tomato novel. On April 21, this year, the headline said that the daily life of tomato novels exceeded 10 million, and announced that the brand of todays headline novel channel was updated to tomato novel, with the main theme of free. Whether its the tomato novel channel in todays headline app or the tomato novel app, all novels support free reading.

Targeting IP derived capabilities

It is worth noting that the performance of these platforms for byte hop investment and cooperation is not outstanding in terms of user scale, and why can they be favored?

According to the mobile reading app list released by Yiguan in June, palm reading, QQ reading and Qimao free novels ranked among the top three with 60.2 million, 47.6 million and 38.19 million respectively, while the data of Tadu novels was only 3.37 million.

Byte skipping focuses on IP itself. Both Tadu literature and chinaonline are old brands, accumulating a lot of high-quality content. Dingtian culture, Xiuwen technology and Wuli culture are also good at high-quality IP in the industry. A very important part of byte skipping and their cooperation is to distribute this content to their own channels. Dong Minna said.

In addition to high-quality content, byte skipping also aims at the IP derivation capability of these platforms.

For example, the Chinese online has made frequent actions in the long audio layout, and not long ago, it also reached a strategic cooperation with dragonfly FM. In addition to the digital copyright authorization for the use of tomato novels and other platforms, and the authorization of tomato novels and watermelon videos by well-known IP works, this cooperation with byte skipping also includes the authorized use of audio works, the co creation of anchor ecology and the co construction of audio content.

Shares in millstone groups Xiuwen technology, also let byte beat and millstone to establish a closer relationship. It is worth noting that Youku is the major shareholder of Mo tie books Co., Ltd., and film and television works such as passing through your world, young you, Beijing Womens illustrated book, and special war glory are all original IP incubated by moto.

Wuli culture, on the other hand, is a pan entertainment and cultural enterprise integrating content creation, IP development, film and television, games, animation, entertainment, new media and other business layout, and also has a wealth of film and television copyright works. As a domestic developer specializing in IP adaptation games, Kaiser culture has rich IP reserves and successful experience in incubating high-quality IP products. Cooperation with Caesar culture will obviously supplement the game layout of byte skipping.

In Liu JIEHAOs opinion, how the copyright and IP of free online novels are further digested by many apps under byte skipping, and it is very important to interpret and derive more content forms from content creation, IP development, film and television, games, animation, entertainment, new media and other sections.

Its too early to make a profit, but we have to fight a tough battle

Can byte beat tell a new story after entering the web track?

Ma Jihua, founder of Dali consulting, told the times 23 that the current byte beating needs to break through the barriers of todays tiktok and shaking, so that we can build a new IP operation logic and make a long-term preparation for the tough battle. In the future, with the development of 5g, VR and other technologies, reading and literature will present a new interactive form, and will also bring new business models.

Dong Minna thinks that bytes tiktok or by means of shaking and other platforms, we can dig deep into the potential of IP realizable and create new entertainment forms. For example, there is now a small theater form on the short video platform, which adapts novels into micro dramas to help the novels to be adapted into large-scale film and television dramas, or to publicize the works that have been adapted into film and TV plays, and feed back the novel itself. It is worth looking forward to whether there will be more new video forms in the future.

At present, the video platforms are mainly led by Tencent, Youku and iqiyi. The industry is platform oriented and IP practitioners are relatively passive. The entry of more giants can bring more opportunities for everyone. For example, tiktok movie embarrassed mother on the video of jitter and watermelon video this year has brought a great impact to the industry. One page good story co-founder Dean told Time Finance on the 23rd.

However, before bringing more changes to the industry, there are not many problems before byte skipping.

In addition, in Liu JIEHAOs view, the number of online literature copyrights is huge, and it is impossible to rely on capital input to support the content supply. The head concentration of online literature is relatively low, and it is difficult to leverage platform users by purchasing top writers. It is also difficult to build an online writing ecology by relying on capital alone. A perfect online writing ecology needs a pyramid writer structure. Although the byte hopping with short time to enter the board has the advantages of flow and capital, it still needs to be further explored in the content screening mechanism and profit model. Liu JIEHAO told time finance and economics.