ESPN criticizes Tysons comeback: dirty circus, ugly money grabbing game

 ESPN criticizes Tysons comeback: dirty circus, ugly money grabbing game

For Tysons comeback, ESPN experts mercilessly attacked: let them boxing in their 50s, which really makes me gape. Although I recall their glorious moments with nostalgia in my heart, I have to say that their competition is a dirty, money grabbing circus performance.

Tyson is no longer the worst man on the planet. In the 1980s, opponents were terrified to see him go to the ring, and Jones was no longer a magician in the 1990s, the expert said. Yes, playing nostalgic cards can make money, but it affects the development of boxing. Poor competition is always harmful to boxing

Tyson is already 54 years old. ESPN host Max asked in a wired interview with Tyson, why did you return to boxing at the age of 54? After all, you didnt play senior golf. Faced with doubts, Tyson said, the reason is very simple, because I can do it, and I believe other people think they can. Even though Im 54, it doesnt mean we have to look for a new life, and our life is completely over. When you see me doing great, you dont think that. Im sure other people will feel the same way

The ESPN host said that Ali, 47, was already like an old man, while you are now 54. Tyson said: in fact, we have different lifestyles, and I didnt get as many punches as I did at the end of my career. When I left boxing, I lived my own life and experienced some things. Now that Im back, I think my physical and mental state is better than many battles that come back after retirement