Five times shouting no military business, Dongan power still liulianban, who is stir frying?

 Five times shouting no military business, Dongan power still liulianban, who is stir frying?

The military industry plate is still very active this week. The market still put Dongan power as the military plate, Dongan power this Friday trading day, closed five trading plates. As of July 24, the companys latest closing price was 9.34 yuan, up 109.89% since July.

At the same time, on July 20, 22, 23 and 24, the announcement of abnormal fluctuation and risk of stock trading was issued successively. The wording of the announcement was more and more emphasized, and it had no relationship with military industry business.

Announcement on the evening of July 24

Announcement on the evening of July 23

Announcement on the evening of July 22

Announcement on the evening of July 20

Announcement on the evening of July 17

Dongan power is mainly engaged in the production and sales of the engine, gearbox and its parts of mini car.

The range extender mentioned in the announcement generally refers to the electric vehicle parts that can provide additional electric energy, so that the electric vehicle can increase the driving range. In the traditional sense, the range extender refers to the combination of engine and generator.

On the whole, Dongan power has no strong support, and the company has a loss in the first quarter. In the first quarter, the company realized a revenue of 491 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.48%; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was a loss of 6.8524 million yuan.

It is worth noting that although Dongan power didnt open its trading limit on the 24th, the turnover was large, with a turnover of 420 million yuan and a turnover rate of 9.74%.

In particular, in the afternoon market diving, Dongan power at 14:26 sold more than 10000 hands, as many as 7 hands, and more than 10000 hands sold as many as 10 hands throughout the day.

Who is playing Dongan power? It can be seen from the dragon and tiger list that hot money is beating the drum and spreading flowers, and there have been two waves of hot money cashing out.

On July 17, 22 and 24, Dongan power was on the list of dragon and tiger. There were no institutional seats on the list, most of which were hot money seats.

The three branches were also on the top five selling list on July 22. Shanghai Hongqiao Business Department of Guoyuan securities, Wuxi Qingyang Road Business Department of CICC wealth securities, and Licheng Avenue Business Department of Great Wall Securities in Putian sold 8.7588 million yuan, 8.4458 million yuan and 7.9291 million yuan respectively. Almost finished shipping.

On the same day, the largest number of seats purchased included 35.1 million yuan from CITIC Securities Shanghai Branch, 30.8637 million yuan from CITIC Securities Shanghai HongBaoShi Road business department, and 7.067 million yuan from Huatai Securities Liaoning Branch. These three seats also appeared in the top five sales on July 24, with sales of 46.7 million yuan, 37.36 million yuan and 9.3223 million yuan respectively.

From the amount of money, the three business departments have locked in the proceeds, all cash out of the market.

On July 24, Shenzhen Houhai Avenue Business Department of Zhongtai securities and Beijing Xueyuan South Road Business Department of Zhongtai securities also conducted a reverse transaction, both of which appeared in the list of top five seats to buy and sell at the same time. The former sold 7.8382 million yuan and bought 13.5962 million yuan; the latter sold 8.5199 million yuan and bought 11.6582 million yuan.

Dongan powers list of dragon and tiger on July 17

Dongan power on July 24