Stephensons heart on the other side of the ocean Li Xiaoxu: my brother will recover soon

 Stephensons heart on the other side of the ocean Li Xiaoxu: my brother will recover soon

Li Xiaoxu injured season reimbursement also affected everyones heart, although already in the United States, but former Liaoning team foreign aid Stephenson is still in the heart of this former good brother, he updated the social media, prayed for Li Xiaoxu, and hoped that he could recover soon.

Stephenson showed a picture of himself in the same frame as Li Xiaoxu when he played for Liaoning team, and the attachment said: I pray for my brother Li Xiaoxu to recover soon. Due to the new coronavirus epidemic, Stevenson did not continue to participate in the CBA restart this season after returning to the United States. After the CBA rematch, Liaoning team opened Mayo to replace Stephenson.

This season, Stephenson has played 29 games for Liaoning team, with an average of 26.7 points, 7.4 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game. He has scored 30 + points in many games this season, and has scored 41 points in a match with Jiangsu team. On the court, Stephenson and Li Xiaoxu had many wonderful cooperation, including aerial relay. From the interaction between the two on the field, they had a good relationship.

Now, after Li Xiaoxu was injured, Stephenson sent his own prayer, which once again confirmed that the two had a good friendship with teammates. In this regard, Chinese fans also leave messages on social media to express their feelings, it turns out that younger martial brother has been paying attention to Liaoning team and you should protect yourself and your family in the United States! We love you There are so many comments like this.

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