The two post-85 cadres in Fujian Province are proposed to take up new posts, both of which are from Tsinghua University

 The two post-85 cadres in Fujian Province are proposed to take up new posts, both of which are from Tsinghua University

According to the client side of Fujian daily, the Organization Department of the Fujian provincial Party committee issued a notice on July 24 about the publicity of Ou Yanfeng and other comrades before assuming office. Among them, Li Teng, the current Secretary of the Party committee of Mingxi County, intends to serve as deputy party and government officials in districts and cities.

According to the official resume, Li Teng, male, born in Taian, Shandong Province in November 1984, is a member of the Communist Party of China, with a postgraduate degree and a doctor of engineering.

Dang Shuai, male, from Weifang, Shandong Province, was born in February 1984. He is a member of the Communist Party of China, with a postgraduate degree, a doctor of engineering, and an economist.

It is worth mentioning that both Li Teng and Dang Shuai are graduates of famous universities introduced by Tsinghua University in Fujian Province.

According to outlook Newsweek in August 2018, since 2012, Fujian Province has explored the introduction of outstanding doctoral and masters degree graduates from Tsinghua University, Peking University and National Peoples Congress, and directly take temporary posts as deputy county (District) chief, deputy town chief and other important posts, and supporting a number of measures to focus on training, aiming to strategically cultivate and reserve young cadres.

Among them, Li Teng, then Secretary of the Mingxi County Party committee of Sanming City, was the sixth year of working in Fujian Province to start a business.

Outlook Newsweek revealed that Li Teng, as a doctor in the Automotive Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, came to Fujian in 2013. During his tenure as deputy mayor of Yongan, an old industrial base in Fujian Province, after in-depth research, he proposed the development path of developing new energy electric vehicles into the automobile industry, and gave full play to their professional expertise, thoroughly understood the industrial policies, and attracted China Science power electric vehicle company with an investment of 1 billion yuan and a production capacity of 60000 units, which made Yongan occupy a place in the fierce competition of new energy automobile industry.

Fujian has provided an entrepreneurial platform for officials to do something for the masses in a down-to-earth manner. Li Teng, 34, said that if the struggle was just to have a house in big cities such as Beijing and drive a good car, he would feel sorry for my life.

At that time, Li Teng said in an interview that the time of starting a business in the grass-roots and mountainous areas in the past six years passed quickly, because I spent all my energy on doing practical things for the common people. If you always think about your promotion, you will feel very anxious.

Two post-80s students from Peking University and Tsinghua University are expected to be promoted

According to Guangxi daily on July 1, the Organization Department of Baise municipal Party committee announced that Tao yuebin and Liu Peng were to be promoted.

Both Tao yuebin and Liu Peng were born in the 1980s. Tao yuebin, born in October 1983 in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, is now the Deputy Secretary of the Debao county Party committee and the third level researcher, and plans to be promoted to the leading position at the department level; Liu Peng, born in May 1985, is currently the deputy county head (temporary post) of Tiandong County Peoples government, Secretary of the Party committee of Jiangcheng Town, and a level-4 researcher, and plans to be promoted to the post of deputy department level leader.

Guangdong Guangxi poverty alleviation report: Tao yuebin, who received his doctorate from Peking University in 2011, gave up the opportunity to engage in scientific research in the UK and became the first batch of targeted candidates from Peking University in Guangxi.

Tao yuebin said, the year I was abroad changed my mind a lot. When I was doing scientific research in the UK, I deeply felt that we Chinese people were doing scientific research outside, that is to say, we had a feeling of wandering about or not belonging in our minds. After returning to China, when we graduated, Peking University encouraged graduates to go to the grassroots level to work in the West. We went to attend the propaganda conference of Guangxis directional selection and transfer students, and came to Guangxi for field investigation. We were deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery, cheerful humanistic feelings and development potential here.

After coming to Guangxi, Tao yuebin has been working in the informatization promotion department of the industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangxi autonomous region. He was the deputy director of the Radio Management Bureau of the Commission of industry and information technology. Around 2018, he was the Deputy Secretary of Debao county Party committee. During this period, in 2015, he was sent to Longhua village, Wucun Town, Tianyang County as the first Secretary of the party organization.

At that time, Longhua village was a poverty-stricken village in Guangxi autonomous region. Due to the influence of natural environment, the construction of communication infrastructure was relatively backward. Most villages and groups did not open cable broadband and did not cover mobile phone signals. It happens that my own work is in the industry and Information Commission of the autonomous region, and it is closely related to informatization. Ill look for our backup units to support and quickly carry out the information poverty alleviation project, said Tao yuebin. After that, the Commission of industry and information technology of Guangxi autonomous region launched the project of precision information poverty alleviation, and all the 15 villages in Longhua village opened broadband signals.

Liu Peng, a doctoral graduate of the Department of chemistry of Tsinghua University in 2013, was transferred to Pingma Town, Tiandong County, Guangxi Province after graduation. After graduation, Liu Peng served as a cadre of the party and government organs of Tiandong County, chief staff member of Tiandong County Committee Office, and deputy director of the county Party Committee Office (section level). In 2015, he served as deputy county chief of Tiandong County, Baise City, and the record of Jiangcheng town Party committee. In 2018, he served as deputy director of the economic and Technological Promotion Bureau of Pingshan District, Shenzhen.

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