Mbapes ankle deformed due to explosive shovel walking and crying while walking

 Mbapes ankle deformed due to explosive shovel walking and crying while walking

In the early morning of July 25, Beijing time, Paris Saint Germain beat Saint Etienne 1-0 with Neymars goal in the final of the French Cup, winning the French cup for the 13th time in history, which was their fifth time in nearly six seasons. At present, Paris has won the league title and the French Cup this season, which is the fourth time that their team has become the domestic double champion. Seven days later, Bari will challenge for another domestic title as they face Lyon in the FA Cup final.

The violent spatula angered Paris players, who rushed to jostle with Perrin and other San Etienne players. The scene was out of control for a time. The referee, who didnt see the situation at the time of the incident, first gave a yellow card to pelan, who toppled mbape. Then he personally went to the court to check the VaR, and finally sent Pei LAN down with a red card, which calmed the conflict on the field.

Before being sent off, Perrin apologized to mbape on the spot, but it didnt help. The injured mbape couldnt hold on to the game after receiving a brief treatment from the team doctor on the sideline, and was eventually replaced by saravia. The pain in his ankle made him limp back to the dressing room and shed tears while walking.

Mbapes injury needs further examination to determine the extent of the injury, but mbape told French President Marco u00f3 n that he felt a tear in the ankle ligament at the post match awards ceremony. From the current situation, mbape is bound to miss the French League Cup final seven days later. However, it is not the most difficult problem for the French champions league to miss the domestic cup. Whats worse is that there are only 19 days left before Paris steps into the Champions League knockout stage. According to the French LEquipe analysis, it is difficult for mbape to fully recover in this period of time, he may miss the quarter final against Atlanta, which is definitely not good news for Paris, who has been hoping to make a breakthrough in the Champions League.