France Cup - Neymar Jiangong and mbapes 1-0 double crown

 France Cup - Neymar Jiangong and mbapes 1-0 double crown

Paris and Saint Etienne have met three times in the French Cup. Paris won three games, scored 15 goals and lost 9 goals.

Only half a minute after the opening of the game, di Malia blocked the forbidden area, and mbape knocked horizontally. Neymar pushed and shot the ball out of the line in front of the empty door. Meanwhile, the referee indicated that mbape was offside. In the second minute, Neymar was knocked over by Macon with the ball on the side, and the latter was warned by a yellow card. In the fifth minute, Gaye was cut off in the backcourt, and bouanga broke into the forbidden area after receiving the ball from his teammates and pushed the far corner out of the goal post. The first 11 minutes, St. Etienne free kick in the front court, boudbutz header attack the top deviation.

The first 14 minutes, mbape and di Malia hit the wall and quickly broke into the forbidden area, pushing and shooting the door was saved by Mullin, Neymar re shot the goal, Paris 1-0 lead. In the 19th minute, Correa was injured and replaced by dagba. The 25th minute, Paredes long pass in the front court, DiMaria stopped the ball after the air cushion shot was saved by Mullin. After that, di Malia corner ball, marchinios header deviation.

In the 26th minute, mbape was shoved down by Perrin, and the players from both sides began to push each other. From slow motion playback, mbapes ankle bent inwards almost 90 degrees when he was shoveled down. The referee then went to the court to check the VaR, and Perrin was sent off red card. Before being sent off, Perrin apologized to mbape on the spot. In the 33rd minute, saravia came out to replace mbape. The 37th minute, camara fiercely knocked over Paredes, was yellow card warning. The first 45 minutes, di Malia outside the restricted area on the right side of the free kick direct attack was saved by Mullin. The second minute of stoppage time, the low shot in front of the forbidden area line of saravia was confiscated by Mullin.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides to fight again. The 50th minute, di Malia passes to the forbidden area, icardi attacks the goal successfully, but di Malia offside first, the goal is invalid. The 58th minute, di Malia low shot to attack the goal deviation. Then Paredes long-range shot was saved by Mullin. The 61st minute, de Busch on the right side of the forbidden area, buanga back to the goal side volley shot high.

The first 73 minutes, di Malia sent straight, saravia volley attack was saved by Mullin. The 78th minute, the Paris free kick passes, saravia after the point attack goal hits high. In the 79th minute, mbape, with his right ankle in protective gear, came to the court with a crutch to watch his teammates play. The 85th minute, Gaye outside the restricted area low shot attack door slants the baseline. The 90th minute, Fofana from behind shovels down the di Malia, is yellow card warning. Finally, Paris won the championship 1-0 over Saint Etienne.

Paris Saint Germain (442): 1-navas / 25-buck, 5-machinios, 2-tiago-silva, 4-correl (1931-dagba) / 10-neymar, 27-gaye, 8-paredes (756-verati), 11-dimaria / 7-mbape (3319-saravia), 18-icardi

Saint Etienne (4231): 30 Mulin / 5-crodizyessak, 3-fufana, 24-pelan, 26-de Busch (8314-kraso) / 6-mwira, 8-camara (4519-nopa) / 20 bouanga, 7-budebuz (7518-nording), 27-makon (342-mukudi) / 21-hamma (4510-hazri)