Who: 284196 new confirmed cases and 9753 new deaths worldwide

 Who: 284196 new confirmed cases and 9753 new deaths worldwide

New confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States were confirmed in 70009 cases, 4091062 cases were diagnosed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 4091062 cases in Beijing and 145063 cases in July 24th, according to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, at 4:34 p.m. Eastern time (4:35 a.m.). 25 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in the United States. Compared with the data at 4:34 p.m. the previous day, there were 70009 new infections and 1096 new deaths.

123 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Hongkong yesterday, a single day high since the outbreak.

The 24 day afternoon novel coronavirus pneumonia was introduced at Hongkong, Hongkong, the Ministry of health, the health protection center of the HKSAR government. As of 24 oclock, 123 new cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed, and 115 cases were infected locally and 8 cases were imported. Hongkong has reported novel coronavirus pneumonia in 2373 confirmed cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Africa is confirmed in 787 thousand of South Africa.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that 787501 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in 54 countries in Africa, and 16697 cases died in 446082 cases in July 24th, and 12 cases were recovered.

South Africas president ramafosa said the countrys new crown had more than 400000 confirmed cases as of the 23rd, and the government will close schools again next week to reduce infection.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in South Africa has been confirmed in 13944 cases, and 420 thousand cases have been diagnosed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 13944 cases in the evening of July 24th, and 250 cases of new deaths. Up to now, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 421996 cases in South Africa, of which 6343 cases died and 245771 cases were cured. So far, 2684488 people have been tested for new coronavirus in South Africa.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in France, and 1130 cases were confirmed in 180528 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in 1130 cases by 14 at the 14 point, according to the latest data released by the French public health department. 180528 cases were confirmed in total, 10 cases were newly diagnosed and 30192 cases died.

[771 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Japan were confirmed in 29022 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 771 cases in Japan from 0 to 23:30 July 24th, and 29022 cases were confirmed by NHK TV. 2 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were added, and 994 cases were accumulated. If the passengers died of new crown pneumonia on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the total number of deaths was 1007.

[922 new confirmed cases in Spain, 272421 cases in total

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Spain were 272421 cases, with 28432 deaths in total, according to 24 reports from the Spanish Ministry of health. 922 cases were diagnosed within 24 hours and 10 cases died in 7 days.

[252 new confirmed cases in Italy, 245590 cases in total

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 24 cases of new cases 252 hours, 24 cases confirmed 245590 cases, 5 new cases of death, 35097 deaths, 350 cases of new cure, 198192 cases of cumulative cure, Italy local health ministry released the latest statistics. Among the 12301 confirmed cases, 46 were severe.

[Turkey] 937 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases were confirmed in 224252 cases.

On the evening of July 24, local time, data updated on the website of Turkeys Ministry of health showed that 42986 new coronavirus tests were carried out on that day, of which 937 were positive. So far, a total of 224252 cases have been confirmed in Turkey. There were 17 new deaths on the same day, with a total of 5580 deaths. On the same day, 1009 cases were cured and 207374 cases were cured. A total of 4489360 tests were conducted in Turkey, with 1248 ICU patients and 379 intubated patients.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 916 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed by Israels Ministry of health on the evening of July 24th, 24 days from 12 to 19, with 59475 cases, 2 new deaths and 448 deaths. Up to now, there are 32230 confirmed cases, 308 of them are critically ill, 84 of them have used ventilator and 26797 have been cured and recovered.

[McDonalds requires customers to wear masks in the store since August

McDonalds said on July 24 local time that it would require all U.S. customers to wear masks in its stores from August. McDonalds US president said in a letter to the company that McDonalds will not open its dining hall in the next month, and will erect isolation boards in the ordering area and the back kitchen area to ensure food safety and social distance. McDonalds also said it would provide masks to customers without masks at the entrances of nearly 14000 restaurants in the United States.

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