Poetry is a Huanhua thatched cottage, witnessing the poetic flavor of Du Fus life

 Poetry is a Huanhua thatched cottage, witnessing the poetic flavor of Du Fus life

Today, I will take you to read some immortal poems written by the great poet Du Fu in the thatched cottage.

The cottage is broken by autumn wind

Tang Dynasty: Du Fu

Roll up the top of my house.

Maofei crossed the river and sprinkled the outskirts of the river,

Those who are tall hang on the top of the forest,

Those who go down drift to sink pond depression.

The children of Nancun village deceived me of my weakness,

There is a thief on the other side.

In the open embrace of the grass into the bamboo,

I cant breathe when my lips are hot and my mouth is dry,

The black color of clouds is fixed by the wind in Russia,

The autumn is dark and indifferent.

The cloth is as cold as iron for many years,

Jiaoer is afraid to lie down and step on the crack.

There is no dry place in the bedside room,

The feet of the rain are as numb as hemp.

There are tens of thousands of ande buildings,

All the poor people in the world are happy!

Wind and rain do not move, such as mountains.

When did you suddenly see this house,

An Shi rebellion has not yet subsided, and the thatched cottage broke its roof in a Rainstorm Day. It can be said that it never rains alone. It was on such a day when the wind roared down the thatch on the roof and it rained, and there was not a bit of dryness in the house, Du Fu wrote down this famous sentence that has been handed down for thousands of years: to have thousands of mansions and to protect all the poor people in the world!

How can we get thousands of spacious rooms to protect all the poor people in the world and make them happy? When he was suffering, Du Fu thought about the world, which can be said to be the real worry first, then the joy of the world.


Where to find the prime ministers ancestral hall?

Outside the city of Jinguan, there are many cypresses.

The green grass of Yingjie is in spring,

Third, we should worry about the world frequently,

Long makes a hero full of tears.

If you are suffering from war and find a beautiful place to settle down, will you begin to enjoy life? Du Fu is not.

When he came to Chengdu, he built a thatched cottage. Although his life was stable for a while, the rebellion of an Shi was not settled yet. He came to Zhuge Liangs ancestral hall outside the city with anxiety. Looking at the grass growing on the front stage of the ancestral hall and listening to the birds chirping in the cypress forest, he sighed: in those days, Liu Bei asked Zhuge Liang to leave the mountain to unify the world. Since then, Kong Ming has devoted his whole life to it. Unfortunately, he died before he won the victory in the war against Wei. However, Mr. Gao Yi died first. When he thought of this, countless heroes of future generations would be full of tears u3002

History and reality interweave each other, completed this song.

Spring night rain

Good rain knows the season, when spring is happening.

With wind the spring rain sneaks in night. Silently, it moistens everything.

The clouds are all black on the wild path, and the fire on the river boat is bright alone.

When it is dawn, the damp soil will be covered with red petals, and there will be countless colorful flowers in the streets and alleys.

Here, the idyllic scenery is picturesque. He cultivates and plants flowers every day, which is quite a kind of idyllic life. It was the most pleasant spring in the world. A spring rain came and moistened the earth. Du Fu sighed that when he woke up the next morning, the streets and alleys of Jinguan city must be a splendid scene.


Tang Dynasty: Du Fu

Two Orioles are singing green willows,

A line of egrets rises to the sky.

The window contains the autumn snow in Xiling,

Menpo Dongwu Wanli ship.

After an Shi rebellion was settled down, he returned to Chengdu thatched cottage from Zizhou. Facing the beautiful spring scenery, he was in a good mood and unconsciously sang out this eternal quatrain. The charm of Huanhua river is vividly expressed in Du Fus works, which makes people yearn for it.


Tang Dynasty: Du Fu

Everything is quiet in changxiajiang village.

A blind date is a gull in the water.

A child knocks a needle as a hook.

But there was an old friend who offered to Lumi,

What else can I ask for?

The water of Huanhua river is clear and winding around the whole village. Summer is long, and the life in the quiet village is stable and tranquil. The swallows on the beam fly away and come back, and the white gulls in the water nestle against each other. My wife, who had been with me for many years, drew a chessboard on the paper and invited me to a game. The young child bent the embroidery needle with a stone and wanted to make it into a fishhook. With my family and some rice and money from my friends, what else do I need?

Experienced chaos, settled here, only to find that the ordinary light of life is happiness.

A Huanhua thatched cottage witnessed the changes of history and reposed Du Fus poetic flavor of anger, remoteness and romance. Friends, if you have a chance to come to Chengdu one day, you must go to Dufu thatched cottage to pay tribute to a great soul.

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