Lin Shuhao delivers a record breaking speech

 Lin Shuhao delivers a record breaking speech

Open the playoff mode ahead of time! Lin Shuhao 38 + 8 + 7 creates CBA career high

Gif - bad! Lin Shuhao makes a three-point foul, and Ma shows his teeth and smiles bitterly

Thank God for giving me this chance to play! Thank you to my coaching team and team-mates, and thank Shougang fans for supporting us. Good night. After the Beijing Beikong match tonight, Lin Shuhao updated his micro blog and wrote the above words from the bottom of his heart.

Lin Shuhao added three pictures to the microblog, all from the competition. One is that he holds the ball against the foreign aid Fu ge of North control; the other is that he gets together with you du, Zhai Xiaochuan, Wang Xiaohui and Fang Shuo to discuss the Countermeasures of the game; the other is that Wang Shaojie watches Youdu finish his double handed smash.

Lin Shuhao contributed 38 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, all of which were the highest in the team. After defeating the Beijing control team, Beijing continued to rank third with 32-13 losses, locking in the top four of the regular season ahead of schedule. On July 26, Beijing will play Guangdong in the final game of the regular season.