Gif - roll your eyes and spray your fist Does Marbury have a fight with Du Feng?

 Gif - roll your eyes and spray your fist Does Marbury have a fight with Du Feng?

With four minutes left in the first quarter, after Lin Shuhao made a 3-point shooting foul, Marbury bared his teeth and showed a bitter smile on the sidelines of the court. He felt that he was dumb and had a hard time eating Coptis.

In the middle of the second quarter, Marburys tactics are very passionate when he pauses, and Xingzi is full of saliva, and he also makes a fist swing to cheer on the players.

In the third quarter, when the game was still 5 minutes away, the referee blew Yue Sun off to make complaints about a technical foul. Marbury could not calm down. He opened his hands and had no choice but to say what? The old horses expression was sad.

In the fourth quarter, the North control team fell behind by a big score. Marbury still didnt mean to give up the game, repeatedly suspended, and spread his hands to press the referee whenever there was a bad call.

With 2:01 left, Marbury didnt want to give up, even though he was 13 points behind 81-94. He asked him to pause and then concentrate on the tactics. The last move of sticking out his tongue and adding his mouth was also very witty.

North control team members were also attracted by Marbury. When the deployment of tactics was suspended, a player held his chin in his hand and listened carefully to Marbury explain the tactics.

For Marbury, every game is important. His real strength should be the first in CBA coaches. The only domestic coach who can be as serious as him should be Guangdong coach Du Feng.

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