Open the playoff mode ahead of time! Lin Shuhao 38 + 8 + 7 creates CBA career high

 Open the playoff mode ahead of time! Lin Shuhao 38 + 8 + 7 creates CBA career high

In order to win the third place, Beijing team is very concerned about the Beijing Derby. When it comes to the attitude towards the game, Lin Shuhao set an example and demonstration for the whole team in the first round after the whistle sounded. Sun Yue held the ball and pushed forward. Lin Shuhao stood in a good position in the interior defense ahead of time. After the body collided, he fell to the ground. The referee whistled and punished Sun Yue for the offensive foul with the ball. Thats Lin Shuhaos attitude towards the game tonight, fighting for every ball! With 6 minutes and 18 seconds left in the first quarter, Lin Shuhao made another Fouls of ferge with the ball.

In addition to the defensive end of every ball to fight, the offensive side of Lin Shu Hao is to use a variety of skills. In the first four minutes, he had all kinds of sudden thrusts, jump shots, free throws and three points. He scored nine points in three of the opening three in a row. Both sides of the offensive and defensive team put in all their efforts to lead the Beijing team to make a 12-4 opening. With four minutes left in the first quarter, Lin Shuhao showed off the ball dealers, and Wang Zirui forced a 3-point shooting foul. The free throw line was stable and all three penalties were given. China helped Beijing continue to expand its leading edge. In the first quarter, Lin Shuhao opened fire at both ends of attack and defense, scoring 12 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 auxiliary attack in a single quarter.

In the second quarter, with 3 minutes and 42 seconds left, Lin Shuhao counterattacked and broke through. In the face of Sun Yues desperate defense, a sudden brake caused Sun Yue to foul and hit the free throw line with two free throws. In the second quarter, the North control team adopted a oppressive close defense against Lin Shuhao, which was very fierce. Lin Shuhao also reduced his shots and increased his assists. In the first half, Lin Shuhao scored 14 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. The North control team reduced the score to 10 points this section.

North control is very tenacious, the second half of the game became more intense, when Lin Shuhao came forward again. With 8:32 left in the third quarter, he made a 3-point hit on the left side. After that, Beijing control reduced the difference to a single digit, and Lin Shuhao played even harder on the field, continuously cutting points and leading the team to open the difference. After three quarters of the war, Lin Shuhao has already scored 25 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals, and Beijing team is 77-59 ahead.

With 7:51 left in the fourth quarter, Lin Shuhao scored 3 points and broke through 30 points in a single game, basically making the game lose its suspense ahead of time. After that, Lin Shuhao played 2 + 1 and took a rest. Seeing this, he clocked out of work. As a result, the North control team still did not give up. Lin Shuhao was forced to appear again, with 2 minutes and 40 seconds left to hold the ball and score a brilliant breakthrough to stabilize the Beijing team. In the last 40 seconds, Lin Shuhao scored 3 points and scored 38 points, setting a new record in CBAs career! Finally, Lin Shuhao roared 38 points to lead Beijing team 102-86 to win the northern control team, Hao won 11 consecutive victories.