In a close relationship, I feel like Im hired.

 In a close relationship, I feel like Im hired.

In particular, I hate eating out and I dont get up early (he hates all the food out there, and I dont get up early, which leads to my lunch not on time). Basically, the contradiction is caused by these two reasons.

I feel that the present life is a kind of employment relationship. In addition, his sons family of three is about to move to live together (live in a house opposite the same floor), I do not want to help him take care of his grandson in the future.

If he wants to terminate this relationship, he will not retain him or give me any financial assistance. I would like to ask General Guo to give me some analysis and suggestions. thank you!

Generals reply:

There is no difference in the age of your two partners, or there is no difference in their age.

Combined with my understanding and your description, your partners need for your partner is to keep his daily life in order.

You also mentioned that he didnt want to eat out, which was reflected in my parents generation. They felt that the food outside was not hygienic and healthy enough.

In fact, they feel a sense of control and security because they are familiar with the environment. They will feel uncomfortable if they have to face too many uncontrollable elements when eating out.

But for you, this inflexible lifestyle will make you uncomfortable and make you do exactly what he wants. It will also make you feel employed.

To tell you the truth, Im sorry to ask the cleaning aunts that they have to start and finish at what time.

The key is who will compromise and who will accept.

So, what are your needs for your partner and can he meet them? Whats your way of solving conflicts? Is it up to you to compromise?