If a person loves you or not, just look at your eyes.

 If a person loves you or not, just look at your eyes.

There are many ways to understand ones inner world. The most direct way is to look at TAs eyes.

We often say that the eyes are the windows of the mind.

Psychological research has repeatedly proved that the eye is an important channel to feel the world. By observing a persons eyes, we can understand the psychological changes of the other person.

This is particularly prominent when it comes to emotional issues.

Many people often have such questions, have a good impression on a person, but do not know whether the other party is interested in themselves, so their hearts are full of entanglement.

If you want to know whether a person likes himself or not, you can know by looking into the other persons eyes.

So, what are the features of TAs eyes when one likes another?

1. Eyes shine

Like a person, look at the past eyes will shine.

Therefore, when someone sees you always have a bright eye, Ta must have a high liking for you.

2. Pick eyebrows

People in the heart, micro expression will also have a subconscious response.

For example, can not help but pick eyebrows is a typical sign of heart.

So, when you suddenly appear in front of a person and look at each others eyebrows, you can judge whether you are the right person.

Of course, in the process of chatting, if the other party raises eyebrows, it may have different meanings. For example, they may have different ideas about the topic they are talking about, or even disdain them.

This is something that needs special attention.

3. Pay more attention to you than others

In a crowded situation, a persons attention to the people around him is usually random, but in some special cases, the person will also pay special attention to some people.

For example, when someone is talking about an attractive topic, others will focus on the TA because they are interested.

Another example is that some people make some abnormal behavior, which will arouse the curiosity of others.

Its easy to understand. After all, the more one cares about something, the more he cares about what.

Of course, here we also need to consider the impact of personality factors on behavior.

Some people are shy or introverted, so they will cover up their behavior.

For example, the more you like someone, the more you pretend you dont care when you are with each other.

Another example is that they dare not let others find out that they are looking at each other, but secretly take aim when others are not paying attention.

This situation requires specific analysis of specific issues, such as the use of residual light to observe and understand each others eye changes.

The classic movie love at dawn has such a classic saying:

I like the way he looks at me when I look away.

4. Long gaze

For those who are more outgoing or active, they will not deliberately hide their feelings when communicating and chatting with the people they like.

They will show their feelings directly and clearly, such as looking at each other for a long time.

For this type of person, it is very difficult to look away from the other person in the face of the heart throb.

When two people chat together, the longer they look at each other, the more favorable they are.

When a person looks at you for more than 2 minutes at a time, there is a great possibility that the person has fallen in love with you.

5. Habitually look at your eyes after expression

The more you care about your words and actions, the more you want to know yourself.

Therefore, when someone says something, puts forward a point of view, or tells a joke, you can determine who the TA cares about by looking at whom he / she looks at the first time after he / she has finished speaking.

Of course, the premise of congratulations is if you like this person, too.

There is a lyric in Li Jians song legend

Its just because I looked at you in the crowd and never forgot your face again.

This is the charm of the eyes.

So, if you want to know whether someone loves you or not, just look into your eyes.

Last but not least, it is the same gaze and care. Some people are based on the desire of possession, while others are based on emotional love.

Its not complicated to distinguish between them. Look at where the other person is looking at a person.

The gaze driven by possessiveness is more about a persons body, while the gaze driven by emotion will stare at a persons face for a long time.