Captain Atlanta: Ronaldo is like a beautiful doll. Its not real at all

 Captain Atlanta: Ronaldo is like a beautiful doll. Its not real at all

The 35 year old Ronaldo is still in good condition this season. He has scored 34 goals in various league matches this season, which is expected to match the teams record. Moreover, the teams Serie A title is still in sight and Europes war is still alive. As we all know, Ronaldo always pays attention to physical exercise. He always dresses up on the football field every time, and he is especially concerned about his appearance and clothes. As a favorite of fashion industry, c Luo not only pays attention to his words and deeds, but also spends a lot of energy on make-up and hairstyle in front of the camera. Even as an opponent, PAP Gomes is not stingy to give a very high evaluation, but this time is not on the court.

PAP Gomez, 32, called the Portuguese superstar a beautiful doll, and revealed that he had a private encounter with Ronaldo. I asked him if he could take a picture with Botty [Gomezs son], and to be honest, I didnt think he looked like a real person, Gomez said. Its incredible. Its like a beautiful doll.

I cant believe it. Hes Ken (Barbies boyfriend) - its so handsome.

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